Gunman surrenders after shooting municipal worker in Nontha Buri
Gunman surrenders after shooting municipal worker in Nontha BuriLegacy

A man involved in a shooting incident with a municipal employee in Sai Ma municipality surrendered to authorities after firing his gun at a municipal employee in his vehicle. Police have filed four charges against him and granted bail.

A Sai Ma municipal employee, 42 year old Saranyut reported to the police yesterday after being shot at while driving his municipal vehicle.

The incident occurred at 8.45am in Soi Bang Rak Noi 17, Bang Rak Noi subdistrict, Mueng district, Nontha Buri province. The vehicle sustained multiple bullet holes, and Saranyut was injured by shattered glass.

Today at Bang Si Mueng Police Station, 34 year old gunman Nikhom surrendered to the police accompanied by his parents, wife, and the 9mm firearm used in the incident.

Nikhom’s wife, Dia (pseudonym), explained that she had tried to prevent the confrontation and advised both parties to part ways after an apology had been exchanged.

She mentioned that the firearm was not carried regularly by her husband. He had intended to leave it at his father’s house that day because their house, located in a garden without a fence, was empty during weekdays due to work obligations.

Dia recounted that she had gone to buy food offerings for monks and initially visited Wat Chaeng Sirisampan temple but the monks had already finished their meal.

Unexpected encounter

She then headed to Wat Sai Ma temple and unexpectedly encountered the person her husband had previously had an issue with.

They had a brief conversation before parting ways. However, the other party followed them, waving at her husband to stop. She questioned why the other party, who claimed to be inspecting work in the Sai Ma subdistrict, had followed them to Bang Rak Noi, suggesting that it was an intentional act to provoke her husband.

Police Colonel Somchai, head of Bang Si Mueng Police Station, revealed that the suspect’s relatives had contacted the police about the surrender yesterday. The investigation revealed that the two parties had previous altercations and had engaged in a car chase before the shooting occurred.

It appeared that the suspect fired first, possibly acting on the belief that the other party was about to attack. An arrest warrant was issued yesterday, May 19, and four charges were filed against the suspect.

The police are currently searching the suspect’s residence for additional evidence.

The suspect confessed to the charges during questioning and was handed over to the investigators. The family requested bail using a land title deed, and the police did not oppose this request, given that the suspect surrendered voluntarily.

The charges include carrying a firearm in public without permission, discharging a firearm in public without a valid reason, possessing an unlicensed firearm, and attempted murder. The police will gather further evidence and prepare the case for prosecution according to the law, reported Khaosod.

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Author: Nattapong Westwood