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In a bid to tackle the parched plight of Koh Larn amidst soaring tourist numbers, Pattaya is eyeing a collaboration with a new water supplier to bolster freshwater production.

Deputy Mayor Manote Nongyai revealed plans for a potential alliance with a novel water supply venture, projecting a surge in production capacity to a substantial 1,000 cubic metres per day, catering to the island’s beleaguered residents and burgeoning businesses alike.

“The proposed investment, crafted as a dynamic public-private partnership, promises mutual benefits for both the city and a prospective private operator.”

Currently, SET-listed Eastern Water Resources Development and Management Plc hold the reins, tasked with supplying water to Koh Larn until September, following a three-year contract extension inked back in 2021. However, the existing infrastructure, employing a reverse osmosis system, churns out a modest 300 cubic metres daily, a mere fraction of the island’s staggering demand, which oscillates between 2,000 and 3,000 cubic metres each day.

Compounded by this shortfall, Koh Larn residents are forced to fork out a steep 200 baht per cubic metre for imported freshwater, a hefty mark-up compared to mainland rates, exacerbating the strain on local coffers, reported Bangkok Post.

Pinpointing the root cause of the crisis, Manote attributed the escalating scarcity to the tourist influx, catalysing an explosion in hospitality ventures, eateries, and ancillary enterprises, with footfall peaking at a staggering 10,000 visitors daily, particularly during extended weekend getaways.

In related news, the Royal Irrigation Department (RID) and the Office of the National Water Resources (ONWR) have come under scrutiny for their plan to build a new water tunnel network in the Salak Phra Wildlife Sanctuary, Kanchanaburi. The project, designed to combat summer droughts, has sparked concerns among local conservationists due to its potential impact on the local ecosystem.

In other news, a plea to conserve water has been issued to Phuket residents by Udomphon Kan, the Director of the Phuket Provincial Office of the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM-Phuket), in an attempt to prevent shortages amid the ongoing dry season.

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Author: Mitch Connor