Freed baby elephant Tofu begins new life in sanctuary (video)
Freed baby elephant Tofu begins new life in sanctuary (video)Legacy

In a heart-wrenching tale of suffering and salvation, a baby elephant named Tofu, just 8 months old, has been plucked from a life of torment in Laos and given a fresh start.

Chained and mistreated, his plight symbolises the ongoing battle against exploitation in the tourism industry across Asia.

Planting Peace, a stalwart organisation dedicated to the rehabilitation of captive elephants, stumbled upon Tofu tethered to a post, his eyes pleading for liberation. Founder Aaron Jackson, moved by the sight of the young pachyderm’s distress, knew action was imperative.

As Jackson filmed Tofu’s agony, the calf, craving attention, attempted to draw closer, but heavy chains confined his movements. Determined, Planting Peace launched a fundraising drive to secure Tofu’s freedom and transfer him to a haven where he could roam among others who had suffered similar fates.

Responding to the clarion call, supporters poured in their contributions, fuelling the urgent mission to rescue Tofu from his tormentors, reported Green Me.

Handed over to Planting Peace, Tofu bid farewell to the chains that had bound him, his first taste of true freedom. In a poignant moment, the shackles fell away, and with a banana as his first treat, Tofu tentatively stepped forward, guided by another elephant towards his newfound liberty.

A mile-long journey through the forest lay ahead, each step a testament to his resilience and the promise of a brighter future. Welcomed into the sanctuary by his fellow elephants, Tofu embarks on a journey of healing, free from the spectre of captivity.

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