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A four year old boy was found lifeless after a disappearance mobilised the community in a frantic search effort in Bang Khla, Chachoengsao province yesterday at around 9.15pm.

The young boy was discovered submerged in a fishpond near his home, leading to an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the harrowing incident.

The boy went missing from his home in Moo 5, Samet Tai, around 6pm last night, February 6. The initial search was fruitless, prompting the boy’s relatives and his mother, 36 year old Narin to perform a ritual appealing to the protective spirits of the land. A mere five minutes after lighting incense, a toy excavator the boy often played with was spotted floating in the fishpond, narrowing the search area.

Within 10 minutes of the discovery, the rescue team uncovered the boy’s body in the 3-acre fishpond, which was approximately 1.5 metres deep. The boy, just shy of his fourth birthday, had been left in the care of his grandmother after returning from school.

He had been playing with a dog and was last seen laughing and running around as usual before the sudden silence prompted his family to look for him. The story took a heartbreaking turn when the boy, who usually returned on his own, did not come back after taking his toy excavator out to play.

The search, involving rescue volunteers and locals, continued for about two hours around the area, which is predominantly fishponds. During the search, the boy’s mother turned to spiritual beliefs, a common practice in times of distress. The finding of the toy led to the tragic discovery of the boy’s dead body reported KhaoSod.

Preliminary assumptions suggest that the child may have followed the dog to the edge of the pond and accidentally stepped on a wooden pallet, causing him to lose balance and fall into the water, unnoticed by anyone nearby. Law enforcement officers are meticulously gathering evidence and questioning those involved to determine the exact cause of the boy’s death.

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Author: Nattapong Westwood