Foreign man sexually assaults pregnant horse in Phuket
Foreign man sexually assaults pregnant horse in PhuketLegacy

CCTV cameras at a horse farm in the Thalang district of Phuket province featured a foreign man sexually assaulting a pregnant horse, causing the animal to suffer a miscarriage. The horse owner revealed that the foreigner is an 18 year old American named Steven, adding that the perverted teenager had committed this disturbing act multiple times before.

The non-profit organisation Watchdog Thailand (WDT) highlighted this disturbing behaviour by posting images and CCTV footage on its official Facebook page yesterday, March 11.

“Phuket again! Visa revocation for this case? A foreign man sexually assaulted a pregnant horse. The CCTV footage becomes clear evidence!”

The footage showed the foreign degenerate, dressed in a dark green T-shirt, jeans shorts, and flip flops, breaking into the farm and sexually assaulting a white female horse during the night. He was seen projecting his hand into the white horse’s genital and attempted to do the same thing with the brown one but the animal kept running away to escape from him.

The sexual assault inflicted irritation and infection on the horse’s reproductive organs, prompting both the farm owner and authorities from the Livestock Development Department to contemplate suitable treatment. While administering a disinfectant injection is deemed necessary, it carries the risk of endangering the horse’s pregnancy and potentially causing a miscarriage.

The horse farm owner reported that the foreigner had previously assaulted other pregnant horses, resulting in the loss of foals for two of them. WDT further emphasised that the impact of this foreign individual’s actions was immeasurable, as the abuse posed a life-threatening risk to the animals.

WDT reported that the farm owner did not file a complaint with the police in previous instances but this time the matter was reported to the Thalang Police Station. The organisation urged officers to arrest this man as soon as possible to prevent him from repeating his actions.

In a similar incident reported in January in the Isaan province of Buriram, an unidentified man allegedly raped a pregnant pig. Locals expressed fear that the same man might pose a threat to people as well. However, there have been no reported arrests or developments in that case.

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Author: Petch Petpailin