Ferocious storms carve sandy cliffs into Jomtien beach
A stretch of Jomtien Beach looks like the famous White Cliffs of Dover as strong winds and waves carved out a steep drop in the beach. Authorities are working to address the safety risks and restore the beach.

PATTAYA, Thailand – On June 10, strong winds and waves caused significant damage to Jomtien Beach, resulting in severe erosion over a 1,000-meter stretch opposite the Poo Pen Restaurant.

Ekkarach Kantharo, Director of the Pattaya Regional Marine Department Office, explained that the erosion was caused by monsoon conditions that have brought storms and high waves to the Gulf of Thailand. He noted that the reinforced sand on Na Jomtien Beach, which stretches 2.8 kilometres, was washed away by strong waves. The affected area included a 1,000-meter section where sand has been washed into the sea and a 400-meter section with a slope eroded down by 1.5 meters.

This steep slope posed significant safety risks to the public and tourists, especially at night. The area has been temporarily restricted to the public. To mitigate these risks, urgent safety measures are being implemented. The Pattaya Marine Department and Na Jomtien Municipality are working to level the steep areas using heavy machinery. The sand washed into the sea will be retrieved and redistributed, with the entire process expected to take 2-3 days. Warning signs are being erected to inform the public and tourists about the erosion and to advise against using the area temporarily.

Rapeephan Rattanaliem, Mayor of Na Jomtien sub-district, emphasized that the municipality is addressing the inconvenience caused to residents, tourists, and businesses by the beach erosion. Over the past two days, public health officials have been deployed to sweep sand off the roads, and water trucks have been used to clean the streets.

In coordination with the Pattaya Marine Department, plans are being made to plant trees along the beach to prevent sand from affecting passersby. Heavy machinery will continue to be used to level the sand and create a safer slope. Public announcements will be made to inform residents and tourists to avoid using the area for photography and other activities temporarily.

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Author: Pattaya Mail