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A minor traffic mishap in Pattaya spiralled into a full-blown confrontation outside a local police station yesterday, with tempers flaring and fists flying.

A BMW driver, 36 year old Watcharaphon Phonpakdee allegedly collided with the back of Theerapong Manisri’s Toyota Yaris near a gas station on Soi Phothisan in Pattaya.

As the two parties failed to reach an agreement at the Pattaya Police Station, tensions soared, prompting each side to call in reinforcements. Three individuals, reportedly friends of Watcharaphon, stormed in with a Nissan Teana and allegedly instigated a brawl with Theerapong’s companions.

The escalating chaos caught the attention of local police officers, who promptly intervened, rounding up all involved parties for questioning. Separate investigations were launched to determine culpability for the initial collision and to address the subsequent fracas at the police station, reported Pattaya News.

Now, those embroiled in the melee are facing charges of causing public disorder and engaging in a public brawl.

In related news, a physical altercation suddenly erupted between two passenger van drivers in front of Ratsada Pier in Phuket on the afternoon of February 18. The spectacle, which was captured on video by a passing vehicle, soon became a local sensation on social media channels. Public outrage surged over the violent behaviour displayed by the drivers, often referred to as Phuket’s public transport drivers.

In other news, 18 individuals received the death penalty with one sentenced to life imprisonment in a landmark ruling at the Thong Pha Phum Provincial Court in Kanchanaburi province last Thursday, February 22. The court acquitted four others in a case stemming from a deadly brawl between inmate groups from Ban Mueang Kan and Ban Bo Phloi against those from Ban Tha Maka. The incident, which occurred on February 22, 2015, resulted in the deaths of two inmates and injuries to six others.

The brawl was reportedly triggered by a dispute over tattooing within the prison, where inmates from Ban Mueang Kan and Ban Bo Phloi were admonished by the Ban Tha Maka group for tattooing in an area covered by surveillance cameras.

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