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A family dispatched representatives to retrieve the body of a young woman entangled in a heated property dispute concerning a residence in Agu, a Bangkok home contested by multiple parties. Today, at 12.55pm, at the Forensic Medicine Institute of the Police General Hospital, Panumas’s family, one of five individuals sued over the intrusion into the Agu house, authorised a non-family representative to collect her remains.

Panumas, in the grip of severe stress, chose to end her life at her home in the Kannayao district the day before. Her body was then taken for religious rites at Wat Bang Toey, located on Nawalun Road in the Bueng Kum district of Bangkok. Notably, none of Panumas’s relatives appeared at the Forensic Medicine Institute to receive the body. Despite reports that Panumas had donated her body to medical science, the Thai Red Cross outlines exceptions for body donations.

In cases where the death occurred more than 20 hours prior if the body has undergone major surgery resulting in significant organ loss, if the cause of death was cancer spreading to the brain or chest, immune deficiency diseases (including AIDS), hepatitis, tuberculosis, rabies, if the death resulted from an accident causing severe bodily damage, if the situation involves legal investigation, or if the body’s condition is unsuitable for examination due to disfigurement or decomposition.

Agu’s relative expressed grief, revealing the last messages sent by the deceased before her passing. Lawyer Decha urged the family’s lawyer to continue the fight and take responsibility.

Further reports disclosed Panumas’s final actions, where she pleaded with her lawyer to withdraw the dispute claim, but the request was allegedly denied. Additionally, the husband of the other party involved in the case publicly apologised to Agu and the community, acknowledging the immense distress caused by the events.

These developments sparked a conversation about the mental toll legal battles can take on individuals, highlighting the need for greater support and understanding of mental health issues in such high-stress situations.

The case of Panumas serves as a tragic reminder of the impact that unresolved property disputes and legal challenges can have on those involved, often leading to dire consequences, reported KhaoSod.

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Author: Nattapong Westwood