Fairyland department store in Nakhon Sawan up for sale
Fairyland department store in Nakhon Sawan up for saleLegacy

A real estate broker announced on Facebook the sale of the renowned Fairyland department store, a well-known local establishment in the Nakhon Sawan province.

“Selling Fairyland Department Store, Nakhon Sawan, along with adjacent shophouses on Sawanwithi Road. The property covers 7 rai (approximately 2.8 acres), with a five-storey building in the heart of Nakhon Sawan.

The price is 550 million baht. Recommend an investor for a successful purchase and earn a commission in the millions. Recently posted on the page. Anyone interested, contact Bee. Whoever refers a buyer gets a handsome percentage.”

The broker is named Bee Amphaphan.

The provincial news page, Nakhon Sawan News – KNSN, also posted details regarding the reason for the sale.

“Nothing remains unchanged. Recently, the old Fairyland department store, which has been a part of Nakhon Sawan since 1987, is unlikely to return to its former glory as a local department store.

“It will remain only in the fond memories of many. The department store and adjacent shophouses on Sawanwithi Road, covering 7 rai with a five-story building, are up for sale at a price of 550 million baht.”

The Fairyland department store has been a significant landmark in Nakhon Sawan since its establishment in 1987. Over the years, it has served as a central shopping destination for locals, offering a variety of goods and services.

However, like many traditional retail establishments, it has faced challenges adapting to the changing retail landscape dominated by online shopping and large-scale modern shopping complexes.

The announcement of the sale has stirred a wave of nostalgia among the local community. Many residents recall the heyday of Fairyland, when it was bustling with shoppers and served as a social hub. The decline in foot traffic and changing consumer habits have contributed to its current situation.

Despite the sentimental value attached to Fairyland, the pragmatic approach to its sale indicates a shift in the local economy and urban development. The potential sale of the property opens up possibilities for new business ventures that could rejuvenate the area and contribute to the local economy, reported Sanook.

While the sale marks the end of an era for Fairyland as a department store, it also represents an opportunity for growth and change in Nakhon Sawan.

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Author: Samantha Rose