Eye spy: Thai man uses CCTV cameras to stalk female neighbour
Eye spy: Thai man uses CCTV cameras to stalk female neighbourLegacy

A Thai woman in the northern province of Chiang Rai is seeking help after her neighbour used CCTV cameras to spy on her, flew a drone over her home, and threatened to break into her residence.

The victim, Pennapha, who also goes by the name Yui, disclosed the particulars of a dispute with her male neighbour to ThaiRath and extended an invitation to journalists to visit her home in the Wiang Phang Kham sub-district of the Mae Sai district in Chiang Rai province for an interview.

In the course of the interview at her residence, Yui elucidated that she lives in a separate home with her mother, situated on the same plot of land. She pointed out several CCTV cameras owned by her neighbour, positioned towards the front of her house and her bedroom.

According to ThaiRath, the male neighbour noticed reporters from the CCTV cameras and immediately turned the cameras away from Yui’s residence. He even shouted out from his home saying, “I already fixed the issue!”

Yui added that the neighbour did not only bother her with the cameras but also flashed a light into her home and sometimes played strange sounds to annoy her. Yui had to change her curtains to be 100% light-blocking and closed all the windows with masking tape to prevent her neighbour from seeing her from outside.

Yui stated that what scared her, even more, was the messages the neighbour shared on his social media account. He shared a video of himself flying a drone into her residence with a caption that said…

“Be careful, I can get into your house anytime.”

Yui said she reported the issue to the authorities of the Wiang Phang Kham Sub-district Office, prompting the man to cease his actions. However, he only stopped for a short time and returned to stalking her as usual.

Yui’s mother told the media that the neighbour also parked his car in front of her home and revved the engine to annoy her and her daughter.

Yui and her mother hoped relevant authorities would take their issue seriously and implement sustainable measures that could stop the man from stalking her.

A similar stalking incident occurred with a Thai Internet idol, Mintra “Pare” Cheuwangkam, known among fans as Mintan. She was stalked and harassed by a stalker who previously worked as a security guard for years. The stalker was arrested a few times, but he was released to continue his harassment.

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Author: Petch Petpailin