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Residents and commuters traversing Pattaya Third Road are in a state of unease, particularly at Soi Chalermprakiat 25, where ongoing road excavation has plunged the area into darkness, raising alarming safety concerns.

The absence of essential safety precautions such as warning signs and adequate lighting has turned the construction site into a breeding ground for accidents, endangering both drivers and pedestrians alike.

The excavation work, carried out without meeting necessary safety standards, has contributed to a spate of accidents, leaving residents and commuters on edge. Critics lambast the city management for its failure to enforce safety regulations, with public outcry mounting for immediate action to rectify the situation.

Of particular concern is the limited space for vehicles, leading to congestion and bottlenecks. With only one usable lane, the opposite side of the road has been transformed into an ad hoc parking area, exacerbating traffic woes. The influx of vehicles navigating through the area underscores a fundamental flaw in the overall traffic management system.

Residents and concerned citizens are urging Pattaya city administrators to swiftly address these safety concerns, reported Pattaya Mail.

They demand the implementation of proper safety measures, including warning signs, adequate lighting, and adherence to established construction safety standards. The hope is that these measures will mitigate risks and create a safer environment for all road users.

If the issues persist, the public will not hesitate to escalate the matter until a resolution is reached.

In related news, the Machanu Roundabout, where Jomtien Second Road meets the path to Jomtien Beach in Pattaya, has turned into a perilous zone, prompting residents to demand swift intervention. The pedestrian crossing signs, seemingly innocuous, are placed at a precarious height of only 160 centimetres.

Tourists, oblivious to the looming hazard, find themselves colliding with these signs, resulting in a string of head injuries. Some unfortunate ones have faced hospitalisation, their wounds demanding stitches.

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Author: Puntid Tantivangphaisal