Ed Sheeran concert uproar prompts Paetongtarn to deny VIP noiseLegacy

Concertgoers at Ed Sheeran’s recent performance in Bangkok were met with an unexpected disturbance emanating from the VIP section, leading to a heated debate across social media platforms.

Amidst the furore, the leader of the Pheu Thai Party, Paetongtarn Shinawatra, addressed the issue today, staunchly denying involvement in the disruptive noise that prompted some audience members to leave the venue.

The controversy at the Ed Sheeran concert sparked outrage as fans criticised the excessive noise from the VIP section, accusing patrons of disrupting the performance. Despite the uproar, no immediate action was taken to manage the situation, raising questions about concert etiquette and security measures.

Paetongtarn commented on the drama.

“A concert is a happy place, a place of joy. It’s normal for people, not just those in the VIP area, to make noise or sing along. A concert isn’t expected to be silent like a library. There’s a different etiquette for different places; it’s one thing if you’re at a temple, another if you’re at a concert.”

When asked about the complaints from international audience members, the Pheu Thai leader dismissed the claims, emphasising her pre-show tour of the concert venue. She expressed admiration for the special lounges, high-quality sound system, and overall atmosphere, reiterating that the disruptive noise was not from her, reported Sanook.

The incident has brought attention to the expectations of concert behaviour, highlighting the tension between enthusiastic participation and the courtesy owed to fellow attendees.

Before delivering a sensational show last Saturday, February 10 at the Rajamangala Stadium in Bangkok, the West Yorkshire-born singer immersed himself in Thai culture, donning the national football team’s jersey on stage and checking into famed local eateries like Je Fai Restaurant and Tip Samai Pad Thai.

The 32 year old British popstar caused a stir when he posted a video on his Instagram account showing him getting a traditional Yant 8 directions tattoo from Ajarn Neng at Kumantong Rak Yom.

As for the Paetongtarn drama, maybe she was just “Thinking Out Loud.”

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Author: Puntid Tantivangphaisal