E-cigarette drug ring busted in Bangkok: Meth-infused vapes
E-cigarette drug ring busted in Bangkok: Meth-infused vapesLegacy

Thai authorities announced the capture of an international drug ring after a dramatic raid on several Bangkok condominiums on Thursday. The Thai Special Service Division (SSD) and other agencies revealed their findings in a high-profile press conference.

According to the SSD, the operation targeted a criminal network distributing modified e-cigarettes laced with methamphetamine and other dangerous substances. The investigation began after reports emerged of Pod K e-cigarettes being sold at entertainment venues across Bangkok. These e-cigarettes, marketed on online platforms for 4,000 baht each, contained methamphetamine, heroin, happy water, and other illicit drugs.

The SSD, in collaboration with multiple agencies, traced the distribution source to a condominium in the upscale Thonglor area. SSD officers swooped in on Wednesday, arresting two suspects: Jayden, a Singaporean national, and Ketdao, a Thai national. The pair was found in possession of a substantial stash of drug-infused e-cigarettes.

Following this breakthrough, the investigation led officers to another condominium in the Rama 9 area, where they apprehended two additional suspects: Maria, a Philippine national, and Joel, a Singaporean national, reported Pattaya News.

All four suspects were swiftly escorted to Makkasan police station for further legal proceedings.

In related news, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya authorities cracked down on the sale of vapes near schools, seizing 1.6 million baht worth of products. Led by the Consumer Protection Committee, the operation aims to protect public health, particularly children, from the dangers of nicotine addiction. The Secretary-General of the Consumer Protection Committee Thosarat Thanitiphan assigned a special operation centre led by the Director of the Consumer Protection Board (CPB) Lertsak Raktham, to act as the Deputy Director of the Special Operations Center, targeting the unregulated sales of electronic cigarettes.

In other news, the Customs Department of Thailand imposed a hefty fine on e-cigarette importers, now demanding double the item’s value plus tax in an attempt to curb the increasing sales among the public, particularly the youth.

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