Durty Nelly’s generosity radiates through Rotary and Mercy Pattaya
Liz Shepard, loving mother of Mercy Pattaya presents a thank you certificate to John Chapman and the organisers.

PATTAYA, Thailand – The spirit of giving and community collaboration shone brightly as Pattaya Mercy and the Rotary Club of Pattaya-Bang Lamung converged at Durty Nelly’s on February 6. The occasion was not just a gathering; it was a celebration of generosity and the power of partnerships. John Chapman and Tom Gorey accompanied by their golf team, warmly welcomed representatives Liz Shepard and Thaipinay of Mercy Pattaya. What unfolded next was a testament to the profound impact of collective goodwill.

Amidst the convivial ambiance of Durty Nelly’s food & drink establishment by Mabprachan Lake, two remarkable fundraising events held in December 2023 set the stage for this heartening collaboration. The first, a Charity Fundraising Evening on December 4 saw locals and patrons come together for an evening of sports, music, camaraderie, and of course, pints of “The Black Stuff”. Organized with precision by Tom Gorey, John Chapman, and their dedicated team, the event raised an impressive total of 26,400 Baht.

The second event, The Durty Nelly’s Christmas Golf Day on December 15 at The Pattana Golf Resort, witnessed a convergence of golf enthusiasts for a day of friendly competition and festive cheer. As golfers showcased their skills on the greens, the spirit of giving remained at the forefront. The day culminated in prize presentations and merry celebrations back at Durty Nelly’s, with a grand total of 30,000 Baht raised, thanks to the unwavering support of players and patrons alike.

Tom Gorey and John Chapman together with President Philip Wall Morris show off one of the two donated laptops.

Tom Gorey, the visionary behind Durty Nelly’s, expressed his gratitude, stating, “The generosity of our patrons and golf members never fails to inspire. We are committed to continuing our support for The Mercy Pattaya and Pattaya-Bang Lamung Rotary Club through more charity-themed events in the future.”

The impact of these fundraising efforts transcends monetary value. The 56,400 Baht raised has been instrumental in furthering the noble causes championed by Pattaya Mercy and the Rotary Club of Pattaya-Bang Lamung. From equipping the kitchen extension with essential tiles to facilitating computer literacy through the purchase of laptop computers, the funds have empowered communities and enriched lives.

Preecha Peethong, Ken Leysner, President Philip Wall Morris and Tom Keightley from the Rotary Club of Pattaya-Banglamung enjoy a tasty meal at Durty Nelly’s.

Looking ahead, the focus shifts towards sponsoring scholarship programs and expanding community infrastructure. Plans are underway for the construction of a secure storage room and the establishment of a community shower and toilet block, underscoring the commitment to holistic community development.

As the curtains draw on this chapter of collaboration, Pattaya Mercy and the Rotary Club of Pattaya-Bang Lamung extend heartfelt gratitude to all who contributed. Each act of kindness has left an indelible mark, illuminating pathways to a brighter, more inclusive future for all. In the tapestry of humanity, it is partnerships like these that weave threads of hope, compassion, and resilience, reminding us that together, we can create enduring change.

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Author: Pattaya Mail