DTGO Prosperous Expands Global Investment Strategy with Focus on Real Estate and Asset Management

DTGO Prosperous (DTP), an investment and financial management company within DTGO, is continuing its international capital investment, expanding its investment base around the world with a focus on high-quality real estate that is already in operation and ready to generate steady income.

Hansa Susayan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of DTP, stated that DTP would adjust its business strategy in 2024 to focus on global investment, asset management, and fund management. DTP’s investment strategy focuses on enhancing assets while sustainably benefiting people and the planet.

“DTP will focus this year on three main areas: global investment, attractive brownfield assets around the world, and asset management and improvement to add value.

“Across our 17 UK hotels, we’ve added value by improving infrastructure and making energy systems more efficient. Our fund management is focused on raising funds to find opportunities and create returns from future investments in private equity. Our REIT, DTPHREIT, includes the Waldorf Astoria Bangkok and U Khao Yai hotels with a value of over 4.107 billion baht,” Hansa said.

DTP will continue expanding its fund management business to complement its REIT portfolio. Assets must have high potential and offer attractive investment returns. The group is gathering market knowledge and necessary human resources.

DTP began investing in 2019 by buying U Khao Yai and purchasing and enhancing operations at 17 hotels in the United Kingdom. The UK hotels total 3,383 rooms under Valor Hospitality Europe Limited, managing properties in world-class chains such as Hilton, Crowne Plaza, IHG, Marriott, Holiday Inn, and Hotel Indigo.

“Purchasing 17 UK hotels in 2019 is part of our long-term business plan and a pilot for DTP’s overseas investment business over the next three years. The group aims to enter European markets, the United States, and Asia.

“U Khao Yai and Waldorf Astoria hotels were brought into a hotel and leasehold business real estate investment trust (REIT) called DTPHREIT in 2022,” Hansa said.

In 2024, DTP took an 85% stake in Singapore-listed ProsperCap Corporation Limited (ProsperCap), which currently owns and manages all DTP’s 17 UK hotels.

This hotel business’s revenue rose in 2023 by about 12.5% year on year to 6.8 billion baht, with average occupancy back to a pre-pandemic level of 79.5%.

DTP has raised its registered capital six times to support overseas business expansion, with 500 million baht in 2019, 325 million baht in 2020, 200 million baht in 2021, 700 million in 2022, 300 million in 2023, and 600 million in 2024. Registered capital is now 2.626 billion baht.

To support the company’s growth, DTP is preparing to issue two sets of bonds. The first has a term of two years and three months and an annual interest rate of 6.75-6.80%. The second has a term of three years and interest of 7.00-7.10%. DTGO is the guarantor of the entire debt. The bonds are offered for sale to institutional and large investors.

The bonds are available during the subscription periods of 31 May 2024 and 4–5 June 2024 from leading securities companies, including the underwriters: Yuanta Securities (Thailand), Dao Securities (Thailand), Blue Bell Securities, Beyond Securities, Merchant Partner Securities, Globlex Securities, UOB Kay Hian Securities (Thailand), and Maybank Securities (Thailand).

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