A moment of gratitude as H.R.H Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn grants an audience to Dr. Otmar and Dr. Margret Deter acknowledging them for their remarkable generosity.

CHIANG MAI, Thailand – In the picturesque city of Chiang Mai, there exists a remarkable institution that embodies the spirit of compassion and innovation – the Prostheses Foundation of H.R.H. the Princess Mother. January 29, 2024, marked a significant milestone as Dr. Otmar Deter and Dr. Margret Deter of the Rotary E-Club Dolphin Pattaya International was honoured with the fourth prestigious award presented to him by H.R.H Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn for their generous donation of another million baht making a total of 15 million baht since the benevolent couple began their whole-hearted support of the Prostheses Foundation.

The Foundation, born on August 17, 1992, owes its inception to the boundless kindness and vision of Her Royal Highness Princess Sri Nagarindra, the Princess Mother. Her deep empathy for the disabled, regardless of their background, spurred her to establish an organization dedicated to alleviating their suffering and empowering them to lead fulfilling lives within society.

HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn presents an award to Dr. Margret Deter in recognition of her exemplary charity and philanthropic efforts.

Under the capable leadership of Secretary General Professor Vajara, and now Deputy Secretary General Rome Chiranukrom, the Foundation has become synonymous with excellence in prosthetic care. From ground-breaking innovations like adjustable damping knee joints, tailored to individual body weight and mobility, to the provision of free prosthetic limbs, the Foundation’s commitment to improving lives is unwavering.

The impact of the Foundation extends far beyond the borders of Chiang Mai, serving as a shining example for neighbouring countries facing similar challenges. With a pressing need for prosthetics and orthotics, exacerbated by accidents in minefields and hazardous agricultural conditions, the Foundation’s work has never been more vital.

Dr. Otmar Deter extends a lifeline to the Prostheses Foundation, offering an additional One Million baht financial support to advance their mission of providing prosthetic care to those in need. With PP Chanunda Kongpol (left) and PP Dr. Margret Deter (right) stand by his side.

Despite the hurdles presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, which necessitated a reduction in personal contact, the Foundation adapted its operations to continue serving the community. Strategic partnerships with organizations like the Rotary E-Club Dolphin Pattaya International have played a pivotal role in sustaining its mission, providing crucial support in the form of start-up financing and training initiatives.

The recent award presented to Dr. Otmar Deter is a testament to the Foundation’s recognition of exemplary dedication and support. Bestowed by H.R.H Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, the award acknowledges years of commitment, including the provision of essential resources such as computers during the pandemic.

Additionally, the Rotary E-Club Dolphin Pattaya International received the 2024 Plaque of Honour from H.R.H Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn for their unwavering support. Graciously granted by the Princess herself, the plaque honours the Rotary Club’s years of dedication, including the recent donation of 21 computers to aid the Foundation’s work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Prostheses Foundation’s ground-breaking innovations and provision of free prosthetic limbs exemplify its unwavering commitment to improving lives, with vital support. Strategic partnerships provide essential resources, ensuring the Foundation’s transformative work continues.

As the Foundation commemorates its 30th anniversary, the enduring legacy of H.R.H Princess Sri Nagarindra resonates profoundly. Her words, “Do not take their money, take mine,” encapsulate the selfless ethos that drives the Foundation’s work, inspiring hope and transformation in countless lives.

In honouring the legacy of the Princess Mother, the Prostheses Foundation continues to be a beacon of compassion and innovation, enriching the lives of individuals across Thailand and beyond.

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Author: Pattaya Mail