Digital love: 80% of Thais to swipe right on online Valentine’s giftsLegacy

According to a recent study conducted by the YouGov analysis institute, sponsored by Visa, the go-to name in digital payments, 80% of Thais will be ordering their Valentine’s Day treats from the comfort of their screens.

The research delved deep into the hearts and wallets of Thai consumers, uncovering fascinating insights into how lovebirds navigate the digital aisles in search of that perfect gift for their special someone.

Surprisingly, it seems that communication remains key, with almost two-thirds (59%) of respondents opting for the direct approach, openly expressing their heart’s desires. But in a twist that could have come straight from a sci-fi romance, 27% are relying on the help of artificial intelligence (AI), using their partner’s smartphone to drop hints.

Regarding where to shop for that token of affection, the digital realm reigns supreme, with 57% favouring online retailers and eCommerce platforms. Social media isn’t far behind, with a cheeky 20% planning to snap up gifts from social commerce outlets on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and LINE.

But what’s driving these digital lovebirds to make their purchases? Well, it seems that while love might be priceless, the gifts certainly aren’t. A whopping 58% cited price and discounts as the top influence on their purchasing decisions, closely followed by the quality and variety of products (50%).

As for the budget, it appears that most are planning to keep it modest, with nearly seven in 10 respondents (68%) aiming to spend up to 1,000 baht. However, there’s a daring 3% ready to splash out over 10,000 baht on their declarations of love, reported The Nation.

And what’s in those virtual shopping baskets? Unsurprisingly, clothing, handbags, and fashion accessories top the list (30%), followed by symbolic gifts like chocolates (25%) and flowers (12%).

But it’s not just about the gifts; quality time together still reigns supreme, with 41% valuing shared experiences as the ultimate gesture of love. And for those looking for that extra special touch, promotions like couple sets (27%), buy one get one free deal (22%), and free name engraving on products (15%) are proving popular.

Thai couples love online shopping for Valentine's Day gifts

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Author: Puntid Tantivangphaisal