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A Thai woman devotee made a grand gesture of gratitude by donating gold necklaces, bracelets, and rings to a revered statue after selling her land for over a million baht. The act of devotion took place at Wat Sawang Arom in Nakhon Pathom, as believers and lottery enthusiasts gathered before the government lottery draw.

The serene premises of Wat Sawang Arom in Nakhon Chai Si district, Nakhon Pathom province, buzzed with excitement as believers and lottery enthusiasts flocked to the temple, seeking blessings and lucky numbers on the eve of the government lottery draw scheduled for March 1. A particular focus of these activities was the statue of Ta Thong Ngiew Rai, which stands alongside a sacred water basin believed to grant luck and fortune.

In a striking display of faith and thankfulness, a woman, after successfully selling over 20 rai (approximately 32,000 square metres) of previously unsellable land, presented a series of gold offerings to the statue of Ta Thong Ngiew Rai. The land, located in Trat province, had been unattractive to buyers due to poor conditions and frequent flooding. Despite this, the woman managed to sell it for 1.5 million baht (US$ 41,776) after making a vow to the revered figure.

Natthaya, a 35 year old hospital worker from Chanthaburi province, was among those who made the pilgrimage to the statue. She fulfilled her promise, made after her wish to sell the land was granted, by bringing 30 pig heads, 10 boiled chickens, 100 chicken eggs, gold bracelets, necklaces, and rings, along with 100 Pho leaves, to the temple as offerings, reported KhaoSod.

The ceremony of fulfilling the vow was led by Arun Rungreung Mueng Yot, who chanted prayers to ensure the successful completion of the act. Natthaya then placed the gold bracelet, necklace, and ring on the statue of Ta Thong. She expressed her intention to offer the gold to Ta Thong Ngiew Rai to Phra Khru Yutithamnuyut, the abbot of Wat Sawang Arom, explaining her previous plight with the land and her recent fortune.

Having witnessed the one-month turnaround from her prayer to the successful sale, Natthaya was both grateful and amazed. She also entrusted the gold to the temple for safekeeping, suggesting it could be used as part of the sacred alloy should the temple cast new religious icons, thereby contributing to the perpetuation of Buddhism.

Lucky numbers

After the offerings were made, the abbot presented Natthaya with a framed picture and a lucky money envelope for prosperity. She also took a chance at finding lucky numbers in the water basin, claiming to have seen the digits 6, 8, 7, and 4, 7.

Meanwhile, lottery ticket sellers at the temple capitalised on the event, displaying numbers associated with the water basin and Ta Thong Ngiew Rai for the upcoming draw. The numbers 2, 0, 3, 4, 1, and the powerful Friday numbers 6-3-5 were all highlighted, providing an array of choices for hopeful customers.

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Author: Nattapong Westwood