Desperate Thai fruit seller offers eye for sale to clear debt
Desperate Thai fruit seller offers eye for sale to clear debtLegacy

A poignant image of a 57 year old Thai fruit seller in Bangkok has stirred waves across the internet after he pledged to donate one of his eyes to resolve his financial woes.

The heartrending scene, initially shared by the Facebook Page Panda Lab Doctor, depicts the man selling fruits with a placard bearing the urgent message: “Eye for Sale”.

Subsequent local media coverage revealed the dire circumstances pushing the fruiterer to such extreme measures. Despite the illegality of organ trade in Thailand, the man, burdened by mounting debts, expressed genuine intent to sell his eye to settle his informal loans.

The fruit vendor, in a candid interview, disclosed that his debt stemmed from a failed investment, leaving him trapped in a cycle of financial despair. His plight reflects a broader crisis, with over 100,000 individuals ensnared in debt due to loans with exorbitant interest rates.

Thai laws strictly prohibit organ trade, with stringent penalties imposed on those involved, including medical practitioners. Moreover, regulations set by the Thai Red Cross Society only permit organ donations from relatives, underscoring the gravity of the fruiterer’s desperate proposition.

Amidst growing concerns over informal debt nationwide, government initiatives, including debt relief programmes, have been launched to address the pressing issue. Payong Srivanich, president of the Thai Banks Association, estimates informal debts to reach a staggering 3.97 trillion baht, prompting urgent action from authorities, reported The Nation.

In the past three months alone, the debt relief programme received nearly 150,000 applications, highlighting the pervasive nature of the crisis, with total debts exceeding 11.09 billion baht.

In related news, a street vendor’s hopes of eradicating debt through her ice cream sales were dashed when a cunning thief took advantage of her momentary distraction to steal her mobile phone and escape on a motorcycle. The 60 year old vendor known for her Pai Thong Ice Cream, reported to the Pratunam Chulalongkorn Police Station in Pathum Thani Province to file a complaint with Deputy Inspector Noppharot Saengsawang, the investigation officer.

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Author: Mitch Connor