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A recent collision involving a customised two-tone Mercedes-Benz S580e Maybach and a pickup truck caused a stir online, with netizens reacting in shock to the estimated 11.2 million baht worth of damages to the luxury car.

The incident was highlighted on TikTok by user Banknitikorn, who shared images of the aftermath. Amidst an outpouring of comments, concerns were raised regarding whether the pickup truck sale would even cover the costs of repairs for the high-end vehicle, which is not assembled in Thailand and features a paint job valued at around 1 million baht.

Social media was abuzz following a devastating collision that saw a Mercedes-Benz S580e Maybach, priced at approximately 11.2 million baht, severely damaged after being rear-ended by a pickup truck.

The Mercedes, a special edition model with an exclusive two-tone colour scheme, not assembled in Thailand, suffered significant damage to its rear. However, it was the front of the pickup truck that bore the brunt of the impact and crumpled beyond recognition in the accident.

Netizens were quick to express their dismay and sympathy, with many noting the particularity of the luxury car involved. The Maybach’s custom two-tone paint, valued at about 1 million baht, adds to its exclusivity and repair costs. Mercedes-Benz vehicles are known for their policy of replacing rather than repairing parts after accidents, which means the total damage costs could be staggering.

Social media comments reflected a mix of shock and support, with some users humorously suggesting that the owner of the pickup truck, playfully referred to as Father Onew, might struggle to cover the Maybach’s repair costs by selling their vehicle. Others sent words of encouragement, hoping for a smile from the insurance company in light of the expensive damages.

The accident has put a spotlight on the high costs associated with luxury vehicle ownership and repair, as well as the potential financial implications for those involved in accidents with such high-value cars.

As the online community continues to discuss the incident, it serves as a reminder of the unexpected turns life can take and the empathy shared among netizens in the face of others’ misfortunes, reported Khaosod.

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Author: Nattapong Westwood