CIB plays hardball: Victims lose over 12 million baht in toy scam
CIB plays hardball: Victims lose over 12 million baht in toy scamLegacy

A group of victims reported to the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) today after being scammed by an online seller after ordering Labubu and Art Toys but never received the items, resulting in a collective loss of over 12 million baht.

Altogether, 21 scam victims met with Police Lieutenant Chakri Silpasathaporn at the CIB’s complaint centre. They sought help after purchasing items from a Facebook page and not receiving the goods despite making full payments.

One of the victims, referred to as Nang A (pseudonym), shared her experience. She ordered a Labubu doll from a Facebook page and transferred the full payment. However, when the delivery date arrived, the seller began making excuses, claiming that the warehouse in China had not yet sent the goods or that the shipment was incomplete.

Numerous individuals nationwide fell victim to this scam, collectively losing more than 12 million baht. The Facebook page owner reportedly had a physical store at Mega Sapanlek, which was recently put up for sale despite having regular customers, raising suspicions.

Nang A explained that she had previously ordered over 120 boxes of the Macaron edition Labubu dolls and other Art Toys from this seller without issues, which built her trust. It wasn’t until this recent order that she realised she had been deceived.

Another victim, referred to as Nang B (a pseudonym), also shared her ordeal. She acted as a reseller for Labubu dolls, purchasing them at approximately 7,000 baht each and selling them for 10,000 to 12,000 baht per doll.

Million baht order

Seeing the potential profit, she decided to place an order worth around 1.5 million baht and paid in cash. However, she never received the goods as promised. When she contacted the seller for a refund, the seller claimed they would return the money, but to no avail.

Nang B expressed the severe financial distress caused by this scam. Many victims, including herself, had to use essential funds, such as children’s tuition fees, to invest in these products.

The investigating officers have taken statements from the victims as evidence and will forward the case to higher authorities for further action.

Commissioner of the CIB, Police Lieutenant General Jiraphop Bhuridej commented on the toy scam issue, stating that the bureau is taking these fraudulent activities very seriously.

He acknowledged the increasing number of scammers exploiting people through online sales of Art Toys. He has instructed the Economic Crime Suppression Division (ECD) to expedite the investigation and arrest the culprits, considering this a significant social threat causing substantial harm to unsuspecting victims, reported Khaosod.

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Author: Ryan Turner