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Two men have been accused of a heinous crime involving the assault of two underage sisters, aged 14 and 16, in Chon Buri province, as reported yesterday, May 1. The 35 year old mother of the victims, identified by the pseudonym A, has lodged a formal complaint with the police, alleging that her daughters were lured and subsequently assaulted by the two perpetrators, who are brothers.

The incident, which took place late at night on April 29, has resulted in an urgent manhunt by the police to apprehend the suspects responsible for this grave offence.

The older sister, known as B, has revealed that the assailants contacted her under the guise of seeking help to find a runaway relative. Trusting the men due to their familial connections, the sisters agreed to join them in the search.

B further explained that as they were riding their motorcycles, the suspects instructed them to stop and forced B onto the back of the younger brother’s motorcycle, while the older brother took the 14 year old on his. They were driven to a secluded alley and then into a rented room.

Inside the room, the situation escalated as the men seized the girls’ mobile phones and threatened them with death if they screamed or told anyone about the incident. B was coerced into undressing and performing sexual acts to prevent harm to her younger sister. Simultaneously, the younger sister was dragged into a bathroom by the older brother and similarly threatened and assaulted without her consent.

After the assault, the girls were ordered to stay in the room while the perpetrators escaped. Fearing further harm, B and her sister managed to flee and inform their mother of the traumatic event, reported KhaoSod.

The officer in charge, Police Colonel Navin Sinthurat, has expressed the seriousness of the crime, especially considering the young age of the victims, and has instructed his team to expedite the legal process to bring the suspects to justice. It has been reported that after learning of the charges against them, the suspects reached out to the victims, pleading for forgiveness and expressing fear of a lengthy prison sentence. They offered to make amends in any possible way, citing concern for their elderly parents, who would be left without care if they were to be incarcerated.

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Author: Nattapong Westwood