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The transformation of a 57 year old comedian into a youthful idol by a Chinese makeup artist named Tuzi has sent shockwaves across the Internet and social media platforms, leaving even the comedian’s wife unable to recognize him. Tuzi’s talent for age-defying makeup has earned her the title of master of transformation and has become a viral sensation.

Tuzi, famed for her makeup artistry, particularly in age reversal, has amassed a following of 5.5 million on the Chinese online platform Douyin. Operating from her Starlight Rabbit Portrait Studio in Yunnan, Tuzi first gained prominence with her video series Extreme Makeover 100 People Challenge, where she showcased her ability to dramatically alter appearances. The viral success of these social media posts has cemented her status as a beloved makeup artist among the Chinese online community, reported Sanook.

Tuzi’s live makeup tutorials attract an average of one million viewers daily, keen to learn her cosmetic techniques. Her studio has also become a training ground for dozens of apprentices who, after rigorous training, have skills that closely resemble those of their mentor.

Despite her fame, Tuzi’s work has not been without controversy. Critics have pointed out a monotony in her makeup style, suggesting that her studio’s apprentices cling too rigidly to the established patterns they have been taught, rather than tailoring styles to individual client needs. This has led to a homogenisation of looks among her clientele. Additionally, Tuzi’s pricing, ranging from 699 to 2,888 yuan, or approximately 3,500 to 15,000 baht per session, has been scrutinized for being excessively high.

Nevertheless, amid mixed reviews and critiques, Tuzi has managed to expand her enterprise to a total of 17 branches.

Chinese makeup artist turns 57 year old into youthful sensation | News by Thaiger
Photo courtesy of Tuzi (Douyin)

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