Chinese fugitive running luxury scams in Thailand arrested
Chinese fugitive running luxury scams in Thailand arrestedLegacy

Thai immigration authorities have nabbed a Chinese fugitive running an illicit tour operation in Bangkok. Following a tip-off about an Asian man suspected of working and residing illegally in Thailand, officers launched an in-depth investigation.

Duan, a 42 year old Chinese fugitive residing in a posh condominium in the Ramkhamhaeng district was apprehended. Duan was already on the radar in China for a significant fraud case.

Samut Sakhon Immigration Police began monitoring Duan’s activities and discovered a well-oiled operation. He regularly left his residential compound to escort groups of Chinese tourists to their accommodations, offering bespoke tours that catered to privacy-conscious business travellers, who preferred avoiding mainstream tour companies.

With mounting evidence, immigration officers swooped in on Duan as he assisted clients at a luxury hotel in the Ratchadaphisek area. A thorough inspection revealed that his residence permit had expired on February 3. Consequently, the Chinese fugitive was charged with working without authorisation and overstaying his visa. Further investigations revealed a darker side to Duan’s story.

Coordination with Chinese security authorities uncovered his criminal past. In January last year, Duan impersonated a regional sales manager for a prestigious wine company, luring several retailers into purchasing high-end rare wines at a supposed 10% discount. He convinced his victims to transfer nearly 2 million yuan (approximately 10 million baht) to his account, only to vanish without delivering the promised goods, reported KhaoSod English.

The Public Security Bureau in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, subsequently issued an arrest warrant and revoked his passport.

In related news, a 36 year old Chinese national was apprehended in Pattaya on April 8, following suspicions of illegal entry into Thailand and unauthorised employment as a guide. On the day of his arrest, Ke Pan was located inside a car, with the windows rolled down, appearing noticeably uneasy upon spotting the patrolling police vehicle, which consequently triggered his attempt to abscond.

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Author: Nattapong Westwood