Chicken vendors ‘squawk’ over soaring prices in South Thailand
Chicken vendors ‘squawk’ over soaring prices in South ThailandLegacy

Vendors in Nakhon Si Thammarat raised concerns about the sudden and unreasonable surge in chicken prices, questioning the silence and inaction of the Ministry of Commerce. The price hike has led to a ripple effect, impacting various sectors and consumers alike and mirrors a trend of rising prices nationwide.

The recent spike in prices of fresh food products and raw materials has significantly affected restaurant operators, from small vendors to large businesses. Notably, the price of fresh vegetables, such as fresh bird’s eye chillies, has surged, directly affecting the production cost of curry paste, a staple in Southern Thai cuisine.

As a result, curry paste producers have had to increase their prices due to the high cost of raw materials.

Other fresh vegetables, such as lettuce, spring onions, coriander, and long beans, have also seen a substantial price increase. Although drought conditions have been cited as the cause, limiting vegetable production and driving prices up, the price rise has not spared meat products either.

Fresh chicken prices have escalated by almost 10 baht per kilogramme, from live chickens to processed ones, severely impacting consumers and creating a chain reaction of financial strain.

President of the Ku Khwang Fresh Market Vendors Association in Nakhon Si Thammarat Municipality and a major fresh chicken vendor, Suwannee Wongchon voiced her concerns, claiming that vendors have attributed the price hike to expensive raw materials and high production costs.

No room for profit

However, she suspects that businesses may be raising prices independently. Currently, live chicken prices range from 40 to 45 baht, with an additional 10 baht increase, causing initial distress among vendors and subsequently affecting consumers down the line.

The sudden price increase has left many vendors and restaurants with skyrocketing costs, leaving little to no room for profit.

Residents have been struggling with the rising costs of everyday necessities and essential goods. The escalating prices of daily-use items and groceries have raised suspicions about the mechanisms behind these unjustified price hikes

Suwanee echoes this sentiment, emphasising the need for immediate intervention and a balanced price mechanism to alleviate the cost of living crisis affecting people daily, reported Khaosod.

The public is questioning why the Ministry of Commerce remains silent and unresponsive to these critical issues affecting their livelihoods. There is a pressing need for transparency regarding the true costs and a balance in price mechanisms to ensure fairness for all parties involved.

The situation in Nakhon Si Thammarat mirrors a broader national concern, where people are increasingly feeling the pinch of rising prices on essential goods. The government’s role in regulating and overseeing market prices is crucial to prevent further economic strain on its citizens.

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Author: Ryan Turner