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An Essex man and his Thai girlfriend have been arrested for running a nefarious chemsex operation from her West London flat.

The 29 year old toy boy, Kane Duncan, hailing from Bracken Close, Loughton, found himself behind bars alongside his partner-in-crime, 42 year old Jurairat Suttabut, following revelations of their sordid dealings unveiled at Southwark Crown Court last Friday, February 23.

Jurairat, the mastermind behind the operation, dabbled in peddling party drugs commonly associated with drug-fuelled orgies, using her abode at 552A Harrow Road as a clandestine hub. Her partner, Duncan, not only fed his addiction by selling the substances to friends but also aided Jurairat in her dubious enterprise, as disclosed in court proceedings.

The operation’s exposure began with a police raid at the premises of wholesale buyer Hugh Boyle in Wandsworth, unearthing incriminating messages and payments linking back to Duncan’s bank account. Surveillance operations soon followed, culminating in a dramatic arrest where Jurairat, Duncan, and their accomplice Apathorn Emim were caught red-handed.

Despite initial denials and a refusal to unlock their phones, Duncan and Jurairat eventually pleaded guilty, shedding light on the extent of their involvement in the illicit trade. Jurairat confessed to supplying a range of narcotics, while Duncan admitted to a lesser role, primarily driven by his voracious drug consumption, reported Essex Live.

Defence counsel for Jurairat cited her tumultuous past in Thailand and her escape from debt bondage, painting a picture of desperation that led her into the drug trade. Meanwhile, Duncan’s legal representation portrayed him as a victim of his addiction, arguing that his actions were motivated by the need to sustain his drug habit rather than greed.

However, Judge David Tomlinson remained unsympathetic, delivering harsh sentences to both culprits. Jurairat received a sentence of four years and six months, while Duncan was handed a term of two years and three months, with both set to serve a minimum before being eligible for release.

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Author: Puntid Tantivangphaisal