Centenarian couple in Trang share secrets to longevity
Centenarian couple in Trang share secrets to longevityLegacy

Two elders, known as Grandfather Dam and Grandmother Kam, both over a century old and residents of Trang Province, Thailand, have shared their secrets to longevity and good health. Despite their advanced age, both remain remarkably active and healthy.

Grandfather Dam Chaisongkram was born in 1922 and is now 101 years old. His wife, Grandmother Kam Chaisongkram, born in 1924, is 99 years old, nearing 100.

Their home in Ban Yuangngam, Phong Chorakhe Subdistrict, Yan Ta Khao District, is recognised as a local herbal learning centre.

The couple’s home is meticulously maintained, largely due to Grandfather Dam’s diligent cleaning habits. He is well-regarded in the community, not only for his longevity but also for his role as a local herbalist.

He is known for creating herbal remedies and protective talismans, which he distributes to family members.

Despite his age and longevity, Grandfather Dam remains physically robust. His eyesight and hearing are still sharp, and he moves easily, even climbing stairs without difficulty. He is also known for his cheerful demeanour and talent in composing and reciting traditional Thai poems.

Still sharp

Grandfather Dam vividly recalls historical events from various reigns, such as the era of Sri Praj, the period of international trade, the abolition of slavery, the royal granting of surnames, and the celebration of Bangkok’s bicentennial in 1982.

He often recites these events in verse, showcasing his sharp memory and poetic skills.

In addition to his herbalist duties, Grandfather Dam also serves as a local traditional healer, performing blessing ceremonies for newlyweds in the village to ensure their marital happiness.

He advises couples to avoid quarrels, uphold moral principles, and refrain from anger to maintain a harmonious relationship.

Grandmother Kam, though less mobile and with some hearing loss, still has good eyesight and can cook rice. Her children, who take turns providing her with meals, ensure she enjoys a diet rich in vegetables and herbal broths, which she believes contribute to her and her husband’s good health.

The couple has always eaten together, a tradition they have maintained throughout their lives. They had six children, one of whom has passed away, and their eldest child is now 87 years old.

Living harmoniously

The former village headman of Ban Yuangngam, 63 year old Cheuang Chaisongkram is one of their sons. He shared that his parents married at around 17 years old and have lived a harmonious life together without ever having serious disputes.

They believe that anger is detrimental and emphasise the importance of keeping family matters private to maintain peace and harmony within the household and among relatives.

Grandfather Dam’s legacy as an herbalist and his vibrant personality have made him a beloved figure in the community. His life, filled with historical knowledge and traditional wisdom, continues to inspire those around him, reported Khaosod.

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Author: Nattapong Westwood