Cat in coma after receiving dog flea treatment warns vetLegacy

A veterinarian using the TikTok handle @tobtabvet has raised a serious alarm about the dangers of administering flea and tick medication intended for dogs to cats. A recent case involving a cat that fell into a coma after being given dog-specific flea treatment by its owner has sparked a warning about the risks of blindness and even death from such actions.

The veterinarian’s video cautions pet owners against self-prescribing online-bought flea and tick medications without consulting professionals. The message is clear: Incorrect administration of these drugs can be life-threatening. The post was met with concern as it highlighted the dangers of using the wrong type of flea and tick treatment, which can lead to severe neurological symptoms such as tremors, difficulty walking, sudden blindness, and in some cases, seizures, reported KhaoSod.

The post included a clip of a cat that had been given dog flea treatment by its owner, leading to dilated pupils, lethargy, shaking, and weakness to the point where the cat could not stand. This case was described as severe, generating questions from viewers about the cat’s chances of recovery. The veterinarian responded that there is a possibility of recovery if the toxins can be flushed out of the cat’s system. However, the treatment’s effectiveness can vary, and if a large amount of the medication has been ingested and the animal does not respond to treatment, it could be fatal. The cat’s condition was reportedly still critical, and it required hospitalisation.

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Author: Nattapong Westwood