Calls for government subsidy on all Bangkok public transport
Calls for government subsidy on all Bangkok public transportLegacy

A call for government subsidisation of all public transportation in Bangkok was made at a forum aiming to alleviate the city’s commuting issues. The event, attended by approximately 100 individuals including locals, was a collaboration between the House Committee on Consumer Protection, the Thailand Consumers Council and the Foundation for Consumers. The agenda was to gather consumer perspectives on the capital city’s public transport and potential improvements.

According to the attendees, primarily consisting of Bangkok residents and those from its adjacent suburbs, commuting via public transport in the metropolis often proves to be a hassle, reported Bangkok Post.

Bhuntin Noumjerm, a Bangkok representative of the Move Forward Party and the committee’s spokesperson, pointed out the substandard quality of transportation services in the city. He noted the high fares as a significant concern. Bhuntin suggested that the government should contemplate subsidising all modes of transport in the capital, not just the electric rail systems, which currently dominate the transport scene.

Bhuntin highlighted the lack of accessible, cost-effective transport services connecting residential back roads and alleyways to electric train stations. He assured that these shared viewpoints would be compiled and presented to the House of Representatives during the forthcoming deliberation of public transport bills.

Aphisit Mantri, who manages the Rotmaethai (Thai public buses) Facebook page, noted the scarcity of operational vehicles, especially during the night, as a common hurdle for commuters. Extended waiting times are a frequent outcome of this issue, Aphisit explained.

He also mentioned passenger complaints regarding seemingly arbitrary alterations to the numbering of certain bus routes. Most commuters are perplexed by these changes, as they disrupt a numbering system that was previously familiar to all, Aphisit added.

Assistant Secretary to the TCC’s sub-committee on transport, Khongsak Chuenkrailat, emphasized the necessity of maintaining affordable fares for the entirety of the population. He underlined this as a key step towards ensuring a convenient and beneficial public transport system in Bangkok.

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