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A violent encounter on the evening of yesterday has left two high school students injured after being shot by a younger peer. The incident, which took place near a petrol station in Buriram province, was reportedly an act of revenge on behalf of a friend. The two victims, both Grade 9 students, were attacked as they rode their motorcycle in the vicinity of Nong Mama village. Initial reports indicate that the weapon used in the assault was purchased online.

The senior investigating officer, Jiraroch Mongkolthanasupat, and his team were quick to respond to the scene of the crime, later visiting the hospital where the injured students had been taken by relatives. One of the victims, referred to as A, suffered a through-and-through gunshot wound to his right leg, while the other, B, was hit in the right hip. Their classmate, Tle, who was with them during the incident but escaped unharmed, recounted the terrifying moment when a motorcycle pulled up alongside them, and the passenger opened fire. He suspected that all three of them were intended targets, as three shots were fired.

Further investigation led to the surrender of two younger students from a different school, a Grade 8 student who was the shooter and his accomplice. They admitted to the crime, claiming that the victims had previously troubled their group. The shooter’s parents brought the young suspects to the police, revealing that the feud had escalated to the point of violence and that the gun had been purchased online.

The 64 year old grandmother of one of the victims expressed her shock and concern over the youth’s involvement in such violent acts. She urged the state to tighten control over substances like kratom leaves and clamp down on the proliferation of firearms. The 48 year old father of the shooter, who was unaware of the specific reasons for the conflict, shared that his son had reported being harassed by the victims’ group, which had escalated to the use of firearms, reported KhaoSod.

Currently, police are searching for the discarded weapon as the investigation continues, with professional teams set to conduct thorough interviews as part of the legal process.

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Author: Nattapong Westwood