Buddhist park sign triggers online uproar with shoot to kill sign
Buddhist park sign triggers online uproar with shoot to kill signLegacy

Phutthamonthon Buddhist Park in Nakhon Pathom province near Bangkok sparked controversy on social media with a sign that displayed it would shoot visitors if they broke any park rules.

The Phutthamonthon Buddhist Park is located in Nakhon Pathom near the western side of Bangkok. The place is known for being the highest-standing Buddha statue in the world. It is regularly used for several events, particularly Buddhist ceremonies. The park is also popular among locals for resting and exercising, especially cycling.

The controversy arose when a Thai woman expressed her grievances against the National Office of Buddhism, which manages the park, on a Facebook group for cyclists, 100RPM Room, on May 21.

She shared photos of warning signs in the park that seemed overly aggressive for a Buddhist setting. The signs stated, “Restricted area. Real bullets applied. Residents are not allowed in the area.”

The woman emphasised that these signs were new and installed during the preparation for the Visakha Bucha Day event on Wednesday, May 22. She added that she enjoyed cycling in the park for more than 10 years but was now afraid to do so due to the threat of being shot.

The National Office of Buddhism later came forward to deny any involvement with the signs, stating they were not created or installed by them. However, they admitted to closing off some areas of the park.

The authorities insisted that the signs were installed by a group of people who had a negative intention toward the park and the authorities. They promised to track down those responsible and bring them to justice.

The authorities also emphasised the need to be strict with the park’s opening and closing schedule and areas due to recent thefts and accidents, especially during mornings, evenings, weekends, and holidays.

As of now, there are no updates on the apprehension of the group responsible for the signs.

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Author: Petch Petpailin