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A Thai woman demanded a British man to apologise to her in public after he threw a glass at her in a fit of rage over a barking dog on Jomtien Beach in Pattaya on Saturday, March 2.

The Thai victim, Amavalee Tongfark, took to Facebook to share the abusive behaviour of the Englishman, identified as Sam, and urged netizens to help her locate his address. Amavalee shared pictures and videos of her injured arm.

“Please share this post and help me look for the foreign man. He physically assaulted me by throwing a drinking glass at me on Jomtien Beach in Pattaya and fled the scene. We never had a conflict with each other. His Thai wife, who came with him, told me that he was a British national named Sam. He fled from the scene when we were waiting for the police on the beach. This is unfair!”

The 37 year old victim later gave an interview with ThaiRath about the incident in detail. She explained that she and some friends went to a pet-friendly coffee shop on Jomtien Beach on March 1. Many customers brought their dogs to enjoy the beach vibes.

Amavalee went on to explain that she and her friend played with another customer’s dog, which started barking repeatedly. The British man sitting behind her became angry and threw a glass at her.

Amavalee said she rushed to ask the Englishman the reason behind his attack, and he said, “I don’t care!” She realised that the assault might be rooted in the dog and told him that the dog did not belong to her. The man responded, “If it’s not your dog, then sorry.”

Alcohol and medicine

According to Amavalee, the foreign man offered her money to end the issue but she wanted him to wait for the police at the scene. The foreign man did not follow her request and drove off with his wife and friends.

The British man and his Thai wife surrendered at Na Jomtien Police Station yesterday, March 3, but refused to give an interview with the media.

Amavalee provided an update stating that the Englishman told police that he was intoxicated from consuming medicine with alcohol. The foreigner agreed to apologise to the victim but refused to issue his apology via an interview with the media.

Amalavee insisted he apologise to her during the media interview. However, she did not disclose whether the foreign man agreed to her demand. Furthermore, she did not provide any updates on the legal proceedings or the compensation she had requested.

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Author: Petch Petpailin