Brit apologizes and compensates for glass-throwing incident in Pattaya
Sam extends a heartfelt apology to Amavalee Tongfark for throwing a glass at her, earning her forgiveness with his sincere remorse.

PATTAYA, Thailand – Amavalee Tongfark, posted a plea on Facebook on March 3, asking for assistance in finding a foreign assailant who had assaulted her with a glass before fleeing. The altercation stemmed from the assailant’s dissatisfaction with a barking dog, prompting him to hurl the glass towards the dog’s owner, inadvertently injuring her with flying glass pieces in the process. When confronted, the assailant, identified as Sam, a 60-year-old British national, callously responded with, “I don’t care.”

Following the incident, Na Jomtien police responded to the complaint filed by Tongfark. Subsequently, the police summoned both parties involved to negotiate a settlement regarding the violent altercation. The assailant, admitted to his actions, attributing his behaviour to the consumption of medication for toothache, which had impaired his judgment, leading to a lapse in memory of the events that unfolded.

Tongfark expressed satisfaction with Sam’s remorseful acknowledgment and public apology, stating that it seemed genuine and sincere, thus facilitating an amicable resolution. Despite the incident, Sam expressed his affection for Thailand and his desire to continue residing in the country, affirming that he had no intention of causing harm. As part of the settlement, Sam agreed to compensate for medical expenses and offer a token of apology, amounting to 18,000 Baht.

Regarding the issue of the dog’s barking, Sam cited his impaired state of mind as the reason for his actions, expressing genuine regret for his behaviour. In response, Police Colonel Watthanchai Sangrit Superintendent of Na Jomtien Police Station ordered an investigation into the incident under Section 390 of the Thai Penal Code, which deals with reckless behaviour causing harm to others.

Depending on the outcome, Sam could face a prison sentence of up to one month or a fine not exceeding 10,000 Baht. However, if an agreement is reached, and the victim is satisfied with the compensation, Sam may only receive a monetary penalty.

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Author: Pattaya Mail