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A daring and reckless display by two men atop a New York City subway train has become the talk of the online world. The pair engaged in explicit acts in broad daylight, not only shocking onlookers but also creating a serious safety concern. This incident, caught on camera, shows the two individuals performing the dangerous act above the Van Wyck subway while a third person watched from the subway car’s roof edge.

The footage reveals the two men on the subway roof as the train crossed an elevated section above the subway. In a brazen act of public indecency, one of the men is seen with his trousers down, clinging to the other with both hands. The second image, taken from a wider angle, captures the two engaged in sexual activity, with the observer sitting on the edge of the train’s roof, looking on. The identities of the individuals involved remain unknown.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has condemned the hazardous and indecent performance. Tim Minton, MTA’s Director of Communications, stated in a press release that while the exact timing of the event could not be verified, “the only thing stupider than riding on top of a subway car is taking your pants off while doing so”, reported KhaoSod

“These reckless individuals have not considered how transit workers and cleaners will have to deal with the consequences if their foolhardy stunt went tragically wrong,” Minton expressed. The MTA’s statement reflects a broader concern for the safety of both the public and transit employees, who are faced with the aftermath of such thoughtless actions.

The event has prompted a wave of discussions on social media, with many condemning the men’s actions as thoughtless and irresponsible.

In related news, things are getting spicy in China. A couple was spotted getting frisky on a subway train, while a Chinese social media influencer fell out of her bikini top, baring her breasts in a live broadcast.

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Author: Nattapong Westwood