Blackpink’s Jennie to star in Korean reality show this Friday (video)Legacy

From the minds behind hit series Sixth Sense and Running Man, an eight-episode reality show, Apartment 404, promises intrigue, competition, and a stellar cast led by the likes of Blackpink’s Jennie.

In a unique collaboration between tvN, and Amazon Prime Video, Apartment404 is poised to captivate audiences with its blend of mystery and entertainment. Premiering this Friday, February 23 and showing every Friday, this gripping show delves into the unexplained phenomena within an enigmatic apartment building.

Starring a powerhouse lineup including comedy legend Yu Jae Seok, silver screen favourite Cha Tae Hyun, and K-pop sensation Jennie, alongside a talented ensemble of Oh Na Ra, Yang Se Chan, and rising star Lee Jung Ha, Apartment 404 guarantees edge-of-your-seat excitement.

In a bustling apartment block, six residents unravel the mysteries behind extraordinary occurrences in their homes. Drawing from true events, each episode transports viewers to diverse settings across various eras. Divided into two teams, the six cast members, alongside special guests, engage in riveting competitions as they unearth the truth.

Led by renowned producing director Jeong Cheol-min, the show promises to deliver a fresh take on the reality genre, with each episode unveiling a new twist on true events. As the six residents team up to uncover the truth behind the inexplicable occurrences within their walls, viewers can expect thrills, laughter, and plenty of surprises, reported Bangkok Post.

In related news, Blackpink’s Lisa is poised to make waves in the world of Hollywood as she gears up for her acting debut in the acclaimed American series, The White Lotus. The K-pop sensation will follow in the footsteps of her bandmate Jennie, stepping onto the HBO stage and igniting excitement amongst fans worldwide.

In other news, a historic moment captivated fans worldwide when Lisa shared a photo with the legendary female artist turned businesswoman Rihanna, sparking a wave of excitement across social media platforms. This iconic meeting between two influential figures in the music industry became an instant sensation, leading fans to fervently wish for a collaboration between the two stars.


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Author: Puntid Tantivangphaisal