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With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, the Royal Thai Police (RTP) issued a warning to the public, particularly women, urging caution against falling victim to cyber criminals preying on the lovestruck.

In the age of digital love, the romance scam has become a sinister ploy, requiring minimal effort from fraudsters. All it takes is a fake social media profile, some attractive photos, and a way with words to lure unsuspecting individuals into a web of deceit.

Last year alone, this nefarious scheme ranked 10th among cybercrimes, resulting in a staggering 476 million baht in damages from 1,435 reported cases. Determined to stem the tide of heartbreak this Valentine’s Day, the RTP took to Facebook to expose the tactics of these modern-day love villains.

According to the police, there are six distinct types of scammers that individuals need to be wary of:

  1. Property Predators: These criminals use fake profiles to seduce victims into relationships, ultimately aiming to swindle them out of their possessions.
  2. Investment Impostors: Building trust with promises of lucrative returns, these scammers deceive victims into investing in bogus schemes.
  3. X-rated Extortionists: Preying on intimacy, these fraudsters coerce victims into sending explicit photos, then blackmail them for money under the threat of exposure.
  4. Bargain Betrayers: Tempting victims with unbelievably cheap goods, these scammers vanish into thin air after pocketing the cash, leaving heartache in their wake.
  5. Restaurant Racketeers: Posing as reputable restaurant operators, these con artists trick victims into paying bogus booking fees with enticing Valentine’s Day promotions.
  6. Accommodation Conmen: Similar to the restaurant scam, these crooks dupe victims into paying fake booking fees for hotel rooms or accommodation they don’t own.

Deputy spokesman Police Major-General Siriwat Deepor issued a stark reminder, urging people not to be lured by offers that seem too good to be true, reported The Nation.

“Beware of these six types of romance scammers seeking to exploit victims on Valentine’s Day.”

For those who fall prey to these heartless schemes, the Royal Thai Police have provided avenues for reporting cybercrimes through their website or via the hotline 1441.

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Author: Mitch Connor