Belarusian tourist lost in Phuket jungle found unharmed
Belarusian tourist lost in Phuket jungle found unharmedLegacy

A Belarusian tourist, who had got lost while on a jungle trek in the Layan area of Phuket, was found safe and sound. Phuket Tourist Police confirmed the news this morning, stating that the man emerged from the ordeal unharmed.

The individual, whose name was not disclosed in the police report, arrived in Thailand on February 18. He initially spent time in Bangkok, before moving to Phuket on March 3. After spending a night at a hotel in the Nai Yang region, he shifted his base to another hotel in Layan, Cherng Talay.

Inspired by the scenic beachfront, the Belarusian tourist decided to venture on a trek into the nearby jungle. Guided by a map, he anticipated a short journey. However, he soon found himself disoriented and lost amidst the dense vegetation.

Fortunately, the lost tourist managed to reach out to the Tourist Police at 11.18pm. A search party, comprising local police and rescue workers from the Kusuldharm Foundation, immediately responded to the distress call. After an exhaustive search, they located the man safe and sound at 5.30am.

Upon his discovery, a medical team was promptly on the scene, ready to provide necessary assistance. The man, who had spent the night in the wilderness, was found to have sustained no injuries, reported Phuket News.

Authorities emphasised the availability of the Tourist Police ‘I Lert U’ app for non-Thai speakers. The app, available on Google Play and the App Store, has been instrumental in helping the officers bring lost foreign tourists to safety in Phuket. Despite 191 being the emergency hotline in Thailand, non-Thai speakers are strongly recommended to use this app.

In related news, National Park officials successfully rescued three foreign tourists who became lost in the jungle in Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand. Despite the challenges of disused trails and dangerous wildlife, all tourists were found safe after a search effort.

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Author: Mitch Connor