Bangkok’s iconic river sees revamped Tha Tien Pier reopenedLegacy

Tha Tien pier, nestled in Bangkok’s Phra Nakhon district, is poised for a grand reopening following extensive renovations, announced Marine Department Director-General Kritpetch Chaichuay.

Teaming up with the Crown Property Bureau, the department has meticulously upgraded the pier and its environs to seamlessly blend with the area’s rich historical architecture. Endorsed by the preservation committee overseeing Rattanakosin and old cities, the rejuvenated pier, boasting a lavish budget of 39 million baht, is scheduled to welcome visitors once again this month.

The revamped pier promises to revolutionise water transportation along the Chao Phraya River, bolstering services for water buses and cross-river ferries. Alongside, visitors can relish in modern conveniences such as indoor waiting areas, wheelchair access, and ample parking, complemented by informative displays and top-notch audio systems.

But the makeover doesn’t end at Tha Tien pier alone. The Marine Department has embarked on a comprehensive project to refurbish 29 piers lining the Chao Phraya River, transforming them into bustling water bus stops. With nine piers already gleaming from the makeover, including iconic names like Phra Pinklao, Rama V, and Kiakkai, work is swiftly progressing on several others, with completion expected within the year, reported Pattaya Mail.

Looking ahead, plans are afoot to refurbish four additional piers by next year, as the department sets its sights on completing all pier upgrades by 2026.

In related news, the Thai defence ministry is anticipating a solution to its submarine procurement dilemma in the forthcoming two weeks, with the likely adoption of the Chinese engine, according to an official from the Royal Thai Navy (RTN).

The current predicament is under examination by a panel focusing on the RTN’s procurement of a Chinese submarine. The panel’s task is to determine whether to extend the existing contract for an additional 1,217 days, following the receipt of a letter from the Office of the Attorney-General.

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Author: Mitch Connor