Bangkok police arrest four at luxury hotel for drug investigation
Bangkok police arrest four at luxury hotel for drug investigationLegacy

Police arrested four individuals at a luxury hotel in central Bangkok yesterday, including relatives of a prominent politician, and are preparing to conduct drug tests on them. The suspects, who were detained at 11.30am, are cooperating with the investigation.

The four suspects, Naraset Thaises, Gitcha, Valis, and Anchaleeporn, are currently being processed at Makkasan Police Station, where officers are recording the details of the arrest before moving on to the interrogation phase.

According to Police Colonel Uramphon Kunderksamrit, the arrest took place within the jurisdiction of Makkasan Police Station. He indicated that the suspects were apprehended without incident and had not shown signs of distress despite the involvement of Naraset, who shares a surname with a well-known politician.

“The suspects have been cooperative and do not appear pressured.”

Pol. Col. Uramphon confirmed that all four individuals would undergo drug testing, as the initial arrest was linked to possession of drugs intended for personal use. This follows an investigation by Bangkok’s First Division Police who originally detained the group due to suspected drug involvement.

Reports suggest that the investigation stemmed from suspicions of drug usage within the hotel room. However, the police have yet to receive any formal reports indicating that the hotel, known for its family-friendly environment, has ever been used for drug parties. Uramphon emphasised that the hotel typically caters to families and has not previously been associated with such activities.

“From what we have seen, this hotel is more suited for family stays. We have not had any reports of drug parties here before.”

The police intend to expand their investigation following this arrest to determine whether there are any broader implications.

Since the morning, friends of the suspects have been arriving at the police station to observe the proceedings. Although they declined to be interviewed, they confirmed they were there solely to monitor the situation and provided no additional information.

Further details reveal that Naraset Thaises is a relative of Chadha Thaises, a Deputy Minister of the Interior, while Gitcha is Naraset’s driver. Valis and Anchaleeporn are long-time acquaintances of the two men and are not involved in any illicit activities, contrary to some reports suggesting otherwise, reported KhaoSod.

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Author: Puntid Tantivangphaisal