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A Thai man is finally receiving treatment for mental illness after throwing his faeces at neighbours’ houses in the Ratchada area of Bangkok for over two years.

A Thai woman named Pha sought help from social media influencer Kantouch “Gun” Pongpaiboonwet after reporting the incidents to the man’s parents, Phahonyothin Police Station, and various government organisations, but was ignored.

Pha recounted that since she and her husband moved into their apartment about four to five months ago, their male neighbour on the fourth floor had been hurling faeces at their home four to five times a month. Initially, Pha approached the man’s mother, who denied her son’s involvement and demanded proof.

Subsequently, Pha installed CCTV cameras, which unequivocally captured the man’s actions. Despite the evidence, the behaviour persisted, prompting Pha to seek assistance from Gun.

According to PPTV HD, reporters uncovered evidence of waste on the roofs and walls of residences in the vicinity. Locals also reported instances of faeces landing on their vehicles. Pha endured this behaviour for around five months, while others had been grappling with the issue for over two years.

Innocent son

Gun and Department of Health officials visited the man’s accommodation yesterday, May 14. Gun requested to speak with the man but his parents refused and insisted that their son was innocent. They claimed that they lived there for more than 40 years and had never received a complaint about the issue.

The parents revealed to Gun and the Thai officials that their 50 year old son had secluded himself in his bedroom for 17 years since 2007, driven by disappointment over his inability to secure employment despite holding a master’s degree.

Authorities suspected that the man had developed a mental illness as a result of his disappointment, but the parents vehemently asserted that he was in good health. They even asserted that his room was immaculate, making it implausible for him to dispose of waste on neighbouring properties.

Ultimately, Gun and the authorities intervened, forcibly gaining entry into the man’s bedroom. Contrary to his parents’ assertions, they discovered a starkly different reality: the room was cluttered with rubbish and human waste.

The man was immediately taken to Somdet Chaopraya Institute of Psychiatry for treatment, despite his parents’ protests.

Channel 3 reported that the parents continue to insist on their son’s innocence and accused neighbours of making up the evidence.

Thai man faeces at neighbours in Bangkok
Trash in the man’s room a | Photo via Amarin TV

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Author: Petch Petpailin