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Phuket Provincial Police apprehended a 26 year old Australian fugitive who had been lurking in a hotel near the Sri Kor Intersection in Kathu, Phuket.

The Australian man, whose identity remains undisclosed by authorities, committed a double crime of visa overstay and bill evasion, spiralling from a tangled web of incidents dating back to January 31.

The tale began with a fateful road collision between the Australian fugitive and a local Thai individual, resulting in injuries to both parties. Despite receiving medical attention at a Phuket City hospital, the Aussie vanished into thin air without settling his whopping 178,185 baht medical bill. The hospital was left high and dry and had no choice but to file a report against the elusive patient.

Adding fuel to the fire, the Australian also allegedly ducked out on compensating the Thai victim, leaving authorities in the lurch. With police unable to catch him at the accident scene, the suspect’s evasion tactics only heightened the suspense surrounding his capture, reported Phuket Express.

It turns out, this wasn’t just a simple visa overstay, it was a carefully orchestrated attempt to dodge the consequences of his actions. But justice caught up with the fugitive Aussie, putting an end to his escapade.

In related news, an Australian child sex offender tried to evade the law by embarking on a risky voyage to Papua New Guinea (PNG). The 53 year old Queensland man, registered as a sex offender in Australia, attempted a daring escape by sailing from Australia to Papua New Guinea. His audacious plan hit rough waters when he was intercepted by PNG customs officers upon reaching the island of Daru via yacht, without a valid visa.

In other news, a 22 year old Taiwanese national, accused of fraud in Taiwan was taken into custody on February 10 following suspicions of his association with a call centre gang back in his homeland. It is believed that he sought refuge in Pattaya to elude Taiwanese law enforcement.

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Author: Mitch Connor