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An Australian child sex offender tried to evade the law by embarking on a risky voyage to Papua New Guinea.

The 53 year old Queensland man, registered as a sex offender in Australia, attempted a daring escape by sailing from Australia to Papua New Guinea. His audacious plan hit rough waters when he was intercepted by PNG customs officers upon reaching the island of Daru via yacht, without a valid visa.

The Torres Strait, a mere 70 kilometres wide, served as the treacherous passage for the fugitive’s ill-fated journey from Saibai, Australia’s northernmost island, to Daru. Despite his attempts to conceal his identity and intentions, authorities swiftly uncovered his scheme.

Charged with breaching reporting conditions, the man faced deportation back to Australia, where the long arm of the law awaited him. The Australian Federal Police (AFP) allege that he navigated through the Torres Strait Islands, aiming to reach Port Moresby and eventually Thailand.

Alerted by vigilant local forces, Australian Border Force and AFP officers in Port Moresby swiftly swung into action, ensuring the offender’s return to Australian soil, reported ABC News.

Last Friday, March 1 marked the end of his misguided odyssey as he was promptly arrested upon arrival in Cairns.

In related news, a 24 year old man was arrested in the Klong Toey district of Bangkok on charges of abducting and molesting a young girl under the age of 15 and committing rape of a child under the age of 13. The suspect, identified only as Thanachot, was apprehended following a mother’s shocking discovery of her daughter’s ordeal, which led to a police report and subsequent arrest warrant.

In other news, a 45 year old beach umbrella and chair rental provider in Pattaya was apprehended on February 8 following allegations of child sexual abuse. The suspect, known only by his nickname Tum, was taken into custody by Pattaya police following a warrant issued by the Pattaya Provincial Court. The arrest came after grave allegations of child sexual abuse surfaced against him.

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Author: Mitch Connor