Jariya Prathumdej, bewildered, surveys her unbalanced motorcycle at Koh Loy Pier, Sriracha District, after an audacious thief made off with the rear wheel.

SRI RACHA, Thailand – In a twist of events that could only be described as wheelie strange, a Yamaha Spark 115i motorcycle was left in a precarious position when its rear wheel mysteriously disappeared during the owner’s peaceful day trip to Ko Si Chang. The owner, Jariya Prathumdej, 35, returned to find her trusty steed reduced to a unicycle at Koh Loy Pier in Sriracha District.

The audacious thief, who remains at large, managed to remove the crucial component of the motorcycle while Jariya was blissfully exploring the charms of Ko Si Chang. The incident has left Jariya not only flabbergasted but also concerned about her child’s transportation to school.

Capt. Wichian Srimajarn of the local police station has assured Jariya of a thorough investigation. The police are now scrutinizing surveillance cameras and seeking evidence to catch the wheel-snatching culprit.

In the meantime, Jariya has proposed enhanced security measures at the pier, including the installation of bright lights and additional surveillance cameras. Despite the inconvenience, she maintains a sense of humor about the situation, hoping that her story will serve as a cautionary tale for any would-be thieves prowling in the night. The authorities and Jariya are determined to spin this wheelie bizarre tale into a positive outcome.

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Author: Pattaya Mail