Ancient boat unearthed near Krabi’s Khlong Thom DistrictLegacy

The discovery of a well-preserved ancient wooden boat found buried along the canal’s banks has captivated the local community in Khlong Thom, Krabi province.

The boat is believed to be connected to the same historical period as the famous Khlong Thom beads, dating back some 1,800 years.

Villagers stumbled upon the ancient vessel buried in the soil along the canal bank on Tuesday, February 13, approximately 1 kilometre from Wat Klong Thom. The boat is in remarkably good condition despite showing signs of erosion over time.

Measuring about 8 metres in length and 70 centimetres wide at its midpoint, the find represents a significant archaeological and cultural artefact.

Pasak Sakchai-Pisarn recounted that several days before the discovery, the abbot of Wat Klong Thom, a respected and revered figure in the community, had suggested to him that something lay hidden in the canal.

Although the abbot did not provide clear details, Pasak trusted there must have been a significant reason behind the abbot’s intuition. This prompted him to explore the canal area that had previously yielded the ancient beads. It was there that he noticed the boat’s hull protruding from the embankment and alerted fellow villagers to help excavate it, reported Sanook.

Upon informing the abbot of the find, he instructed that the boat be brought to the temple, given its rarity and historical importance. While it is yet to be determined whether the wood is from a Takhian or another type, it is commonly believed to be Takhian.

This wood is traditionally associated with ancient artefacts. The boat’s age is presumed to be contemporaneous with the bead production era or earlier, indicating it might have traversed the Khlong Thom waterways long ago. Experts are expected to conduct a thorough examination to provide more insight into the vessel’s origins and significance.

In related news, the highlands of northwestern Thailand harbour dozens of caves, which serve as the final resting places for remarkable human burials dating back 1,000 to 2,300 years ago.

These burials consist of large wooden coffins, some several metres long and crafted from a single tree trunk, mounted above the floor on wooden stilts, reflecting a mysterious Iron Age culture that once thrived in the Mae Hong Son province of northern Thailand.

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Author: Puntid Tantivangphaisal