An Award-Winning Journey
An Award-Winning JourneyLegacy

Thriving in an ultra-competitive environment is no easy feat. Libertex has earned a reputation for its steadfast commitment to traders and pursuit of innovation. Recently, the online trading brand has been in the spotlight for its agility to respond to the market’s tidal shifts. Marios Chailis, CMO of Libertex Group, reflects on Libertex’s latest award-winning streak, what it means for the company and the road ahead.

Libertex is a broker of choice for traders worldwide. What does winning the “Global CFD Broker of the Year” PAN Finance Award and the “Best Broker LATAM” UF AWARD mean for Libertex?

Winning these awards is equally thrilling and committing. They are a testament to our unwavering devotion to excellence, customer satisfaction and the ability to inspire trust. These prestigious accolades not only validate our position as an industry leader but also underscore our relentless pursuit of delivering exceptional value and service to traders worldwide.

However, no leader succeeds on their own. Success stories are always the result of the team effort. And Libertex is no exception. We couldn’t have achieved this performance without a well-knit and highly skilled team. I am very proud of how every one of the Libertex team contributed to the company’s achievements, every single day, making it the Global CFD Broker of the Year. These titles complete our “Best” award series for now, which include “Best CFD Broker Europe”, “Most Reliable Broker Asia”, and “Best Trading Experience”.

What sets Libertex apart from other brokers, in your opinion?

 I truly believe Libertex has earned its global reputation for adding a human touch to trading. What do I mean by that? For us, it’s not just a matter of selling, selling and selling; most importantly, it’s How we sell. We stand by our traders from day 1, regardless of their deposit amount.

Our customer success team guides them every step of the way – from account registration to verification and trading. Besides, all our agents speak our clients’ native languages, which is vital to ensuring client satisfaction. This combined with our proprietary trading app and platforms that are truly unique in the industry and the diversity of asset classes and instruments we provide are the main reasons why traders keep coming back to us.

Libertex has garnered numerous distinctions throughout the years. Is there one in particular that you are most proud of?

I believe each award, from the more than 45 that Libertex has received so far, holds a special significance, so nominating one, in particular, would mean overlooking other achievements, which are just as important. Every recognition that we’ve received throughout the years is a nod to different facets of Libertex’s adamant pursuit of excellence – whether it’s trading experience, our trading platform or asset coverage.

Winning multiple awards is a remarkable achievement. Does Libertex own a success formula?

That’s easy: “Trade for More” – our motto, which reflects our belief that no success can be achieved without hard work and determination to excel. So, in the same way that our traders look for better trading experience, more agile technologies and tailored resources to assist them on their journey, we strive to meet and exceed their expectations.

To give you an example, when the BTC ETFs were listed in the US, Libertex was one of the first brokers to add BTC ETF CFDs within days of the official listing of the hyped underlying assets. That’s vivid proof that we’re constantly on the pulse and making every effort to keep our clients satisfied.

 How will the recent award wins impact Libertex’s reputation?

These awards strengthen Libertex’s position as a market leader and a reliable choice for traders globally, and I couldn’t be prouder to be at the helm of such a competitive market player.

 Reaching so high is usually the result of the team effort. Can you tell us about the role Libertex employees played in achieving global recognition?

 As I said, Libertex is today the best broker because of the people behind it. Everyone, from customer support to compliance makes a huge difference within the organisation. Their expertise and dedication have created a brand whose history roots back 26 years. That’s something!

 What does it take to be a winner?

It takes a lot of well-thought-out strategic planning, action, hard work and a team determined to walk the extra mile to ensure our clients have everything they need to achieve their goals. Without our clients’ trust, Libertex would not be a winner.

 How would you describe your company’s journey so far and what can traders expect from Libertex going forward?

Our journey has been as challenging as it has been exciting, in terms of business and also in terms of high-profile football sponsorships. Over the years we’ve stood out as an official sponsor of many premier football clubs, and since 2022, we’ve rallied our forces with Germany’s titans FC Bayern as a Platinum Sponsor and Official Trading Partner.

In over two decades since we’ve set out, a lot has changed in the industry, and Libertex has been right on the wave – from the early days of MT4 and MT5, we steadily grew into an online trading powerhouse trusted by traders globally.

As we continue to innovate and introduce new offerings, we remain invested in providing a secure environment that fosters growth for our clients as well as Affiliates and IB Partners. We’re also exploring our inroads to new markets, so you can expect to hear about new offerings from Libertex soon.

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