AirAsia ramp agent’s tarmac tango at Bangkok airport goes viralLegacy

An AirAsia ramp agent’s impromptu dance routine on the Don Mueang International Airport tarmac recently caught the attention of social media followers in Thailand, transforming from a point of initial drama to a story with a heartwarming conclusion.

The young staff member, known as “Mos,” was captured dancing with fluid grace in his work attire against the backdrop of an aeroplane, leading to widespread sharing of the video clip across various social media platforms. While many admired his dance skills, some questioned the appropriateness of his actions. However, it was confirmed that Mos’s dance did not violate any company policies.

The situation escalated when some netizens remained sceptical, sparking debates online. However, the narrative took a turn for the better when Mos’s employer, AirAsia, known for its distinctive red branding, entered the fray to quell the drama. The airline posted the viral clip on its official Instagram account, tagging Mos and including an encouraging caption that read, “Introducing AirAsia’s new Entertainment Allstar from the ramp department. Please follow and support our Mos.”

This move by the airline was met with an outpouring of support from the Thai social media community, effectively putting an end to any controversy. Comments poured in, praising AirAsia for not stifling employee talents on social media.

“I’ve been following him on TikTok, love this!”

“People dance when they’re happy, which means he must have had a joyful day at work.”

Some even playfully suggested a dance battle between different departments.

Mos, who enjoys cover dancing and is part of a dance group, can be followed on Instagram at step_cosmos for those interested in his work and dance performances.

The display of his dancing talent and the subsequent support from his employer highlight a positive and supportive work environment that encourages individual expression and joy in the workplace. This story, which began with potential for conflict, has instead showcased a company’s embrace of creativity and the online community’s capacity for encouragement and camaraderie.

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Author: Bob Scott