7-Eleven restroom use in Thailand depends on branch discretion
7-Eleven restroom use in Thailand depends on branch discretionLegacy

Customers wondering whether they can use the restroom in the popular convenience store 7-Eleven during an emergency now have an answer. While in some countries customers can freely access store restrooms, the policy in Thailand is less straightforward.

A query was recently posted on the website pantip.com, where a user asked, “Can we ask to use the restroom at 7-Eleven?” The individual explained that they often drive long distances and sometimes stop at 7-Eleven to buy items before reaching their workplace. They wanted to know if it would be possible to use the restroom at the store.

The response came from an official 7-Eleven account, Nong Pao 7-Eleven.

“Permission to use the restroom at 7-Eleven depends on the discretion of the specific branch. Due to the large number of products within each store, it may not be convenient to provide restroom services. We apologise for any inconvenience.”

Many netizens chimed in with their opinions, mostly agreeing that one should not request to use the restroom in 7-Eleven stores. They pointed out that these areas are usually restricted to staff and that Thailand offers numerous free public restrooms. Additionally, restrooms are available at gas stations along the highways, providing ample options for those travelling long distances.

However, some users shared experiences of being allowed to use the restroom at 7-Eleven. They mentioned informing the staff about their need, and the employees permitted them to access the restroom inside the store.

In the northeastern region of Thailand, some netizens noted that certain 7-Eleven branches, specifically franchise stores operated by Ying Yong Minimart Co., Ltd., have marked restroom signs. These restrooms are accessible to customers without the need to ask for permission, reported Sanook.

In related news, the Tourist Police Bureau, in partnership with CP All Public Company Limited, is rolling out a new initiative to boost tourist safety with the help of 7-Eleven convenience stores.

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Author: Puntid Tantivangphaisal