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A 28 year old Thai woman lied about her age, claiming she was 13 years old, in an attempt to avoid charges for repeated thefts in the central province of Nonthaburi.

The victim, 43 year old Sakorn Ployphan, filed a complaint at Mueang Nonthaburi Police Station. His wife’s phone, car keys, amulets, wallet, and other belongings were stolen earlier that day. Using the phone’s GPS, Sakorn traced it to a love hotel in Nonthaburi province.

Police then accompanied the victim to the motel and arrested the thief, later identified as 28 year old Chutimon Srinark.

Chutimon denied the allegation saying she had no knowledge of the crime, adding she was a 13 year old and was incapable of committing any thefts. However, a search of her person and the room uncovered the stolen items in her possession.

Officers returned the phone to Sakorn, who discovered Chutimon had used it to contact his employer, Panitarn Tang-uthai. Posing as Sakorn’s wife, she claimed their daughter was hospitalised and requested a 5,000 baht transfer. Chutimon also tried to solicit money from others but was unsuccessful.

During an interview with MGR Online, Panitarn revealed that this wasn’t the first time his employee had requested similar financial help, so he did not suspect a scam.

According to MGR Online, Chutimon has a history of theft and has evaded arrest. She allegedly stole a phone from a Nonthaburi food vendor on November 27, 2022, and repeated the crime at another food store on April 27. Chutimon kept crying during her arrest and declined to speak with the media.

In a related story that occurred in the US, a 23 year old woman, Alyssa Ann Zinger, was arrested in November of last year after she posted as a 14 year old girl and lured teenage boys aged between 12 to 15 into having sex with her.

One of the victims told the authorities that Zinger forced him into having sex 30 times and revealed that she had sexually assaulted many other young boys before.

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Author: Petch Petpailin