Crackdown on illegal migrant workers in Pattaya continue

Crackdown on illegal migrant workers in Pattaya continue

Authorities discover 55 Myanmar nationals and 2 Indian nationals during a raid at an apartment on Soi Khopai, South Pattaya. Twenty-five Myanmar nationals were arrested for illegal entry as they lacked proper legal status in Thailand.

PATTAYA, Thailand – In a concerted effort to uphold immigration laws and curb illegal labour practices, the Superintendent of Chonburi Immigration Office, Pol. Col. Napaspong Khositsuriyamani, spearheaded multiple operations targeting suspected illegal migrant housing sites in Pattaya.

On June 18, a raid conducted at an apartment on Soi Khopai in South Pattaya led to the discovery of 55 Myanmar nationals and 2 Indian nationals. Of these, 32 had valid documentation, while 25 Myanmar nationals lacked proper legal status in Thailand and were promptly arrested for illegal entry. Additionally, an 80-year-old Thai national was detained for failing to report the residence of foreign nationals as required by law.

Simultaneously, following another tip-off, Chonburi Immigration Police raided a community area in Soi Land Office, South Pattaya, on the same day. There, they apprehended 68 individuals from Myanmar and India who were residing without proper identification documents. These individuals, primarily men employed in local restaurants and service establishments, cited economic reasons for coming to Thailand amid conflict in their home countries.

Officers detain six Cambodian nationals near Chak Nok Reservoir in Huay Yai sub-district, East of Pattaya. They were accused of engaging in construction work without passports or work permits.

The crackdown continued on June 19, with an operation near Chak Nok Reservoir in Huay Yai sub-district, East of Pattaya. Officers targeted a foreign worker camp and detained six Cambodian nationals found without passports or work permits, involved in construction jobs. They admitted to entering Thailand illegally through natural border channels in Tak Province.

All detained individuals face charges under the Immigration Act 1979 for illegal entry and residence in Thailand. They are held pending legal proceedings and deportation arrangements back to their respective countries.

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Author: Pattaya Mail

City grapples with South Pattaya canal encroachments and wastewater issues

City grapples with South Pattaya canal encroachments and wastewater issues

Neglect of the South Pattaya canal has led to illegal constructions and untreated wastewater discharge, prompting Pattaya City to reclaim land and demolish structures.

PATTAYA, Thailand – On June 21, Deputy Mayor Manot Nongyai addressed the ongoing delays in resolving the issue of buildings encroaching along the South Pattaya Canal. This canal is crucial for flood management, directing water flow to the Nongyai Treatment Plant pumping station where water is treated before being safely discharged into the sea.

He said, “For decades, the canal has been neglected, leading to illegal constructions and direct discharge of untreated wastewater into the public waterway. These actions are against the law, prompting Pattaya City to reclaim public land and address these issues. Several illegal structures have already been demolished.”

Regarding the encroaching buildings, Manot mentioned that there are 2-3 cases where inspections have been ordered, and building owners have been notified to make corrections. Two unauthorized steel bridges have been identified: one, built long ago and currently under appeal, and another, recently constructed, for which demolition has been ordered.

Overflow from Pattaya’s wastewater system during repairs led to a mix of untreated water and rainwater, creating murky conditions along the South Pattaya canal leading to the Bali Hai Beach.

Additionally, there are issues with a row of buildings near a bridge, where construction permits were obtained, but the construction did not comply with regulations. Pattaya City has requested the operators to discuss the discrepancies and ensure that the construction aligns with the approved plans. Further inspections have confirmed that adjustments are necessary to rectify these issues.

Manot also addressed the recent issue of black, sediment-filled water spreading across Pattaya Beach, traced back to a wastewater treatment failure at the South Pattaya pumping station. This incident sparked rumours of an oil spill from a ship, but the primary cause was the malfunctioning wastewater treatment facility in South Pattaya.

The facility was built to pump wastewater to the treatment plant in Soi Nongyai. However, due to cracked and broken pipes, Pattaya City was unable to transport the wastewater for treatment. In response, a team of city engineers has been dispatched to inspect and repair the pipes. This required shutting down the pipeline to the Nongyai treatment plant for approximately three hours.

During the repair period, heavy rainfall caused an overflow, resulting in a significant amount of untreated water being discharged into the sea. Pattaya’s wastewater system combines both sewage and rainwater in a single pipe. The excessive rainfall led to the overflow, causing a mixture of approximately 40% untreated wastewater and rainwater to spill into the sea. This created an unsightly spread of murky, black water along the coast, reaching Bali Hai Beach.

Pattaya City expedited the repairs to the broken pipeline. City officials have also ordered a long-term solution to prevent future occurrences. This includes a comprehensive inspection of the aging pipeline that leads to the Nongyai treatment plant and implementing preventive measures. The city engineering department has been tasked with adding supplementary pipelines and identifying vulnerable points in the current system. Currently, there are no backup pipes, so any damage requires halting the wastewater transport, risking repeat incidents.

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Author: Pattaya Mail

Wall obstruction on Pattaya-Naklua road poses safety threat to pedestrians

Wall obstruction on Pattaya-Naklua road poses safety threat to pedestrians

The hazardous obstruction near Soi 18 on Pattaya-Naklua Road where a wall from a commercial building blocks the sidewalk, forcing pedestrians to walk on the road.

PATTAYA, Thailand – Residents and tourists reported a hazardous obstruction near Soi 18 on Pattaya-Naklua Road where a wall from a commercial building blocked the sidewalk, forcing pedestrians to walk on the road. This situation raised significant concerns about potential accidents, especially since the road is heavily trafficked by public transportation, tour buses, and private vehicles.

Upon investigation, it was discovered that the wall belongs to a restaurant and extends up to the electrical poles, completely obstructing the pedestrian walkway. As a result, tourists and locals must step onto the busy street to pass through, increasing the risk of accidents.

Local residents and vendors confirmed that the wall has been there for several years. Despite inspections by authorities, no actions have been taken to resolve the issue. Residents are now urging the relevant authorities to address the problem promptly to prevent potential accidents and improve safety for pedestrians.

The community remains puzzled about how such a structure was permitted in the first place. “We have been dealing with this obstruction for years, and it’s only a matter of time before a serious accident occurs,” said a local vendor. “We need immediate action to ensure the safety of everyone who uses this road.”

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Author: Pattaya Mail

Army dog auction to feature trained military dogs

Army dog auction to feature trained military dogs

Army dog auction to feature trained military dogsLegacy

The Army Dog Centre is set to open bidding for 66 well-trained but test-disqualified military dogs on July 6. The auction will feature Labrador Retrievers, Belgian Malinois, and German Shepherds at the Army Dog Centre in Nakhon Ratchasima.

Details have been gradually released on the Army Dog Centre’s Facebook page, revealing the initial bidding prices for the latest 10 dogs. Jeremy, a male German Shepherd, three years and five months old, will start at 2,500 baht. Jasmine, a female German Shepherd, of the same age, has the same starting price of 2,500 baht. Other German Shepherds include Lazier, a three-year and four-month-old male, and Jessica, a three-year and four-month-old female, both starting at 2,500 baht.

Loppy, a seven-year and nine-month-old male Labrador Retriever, also starts at 2,500 baht. Paolo, a two-year and six-month-old male German Shepherd, starts at 3,000 baht. Female German Shepherds Levy and Letty, both two years and five months old, have starting bids of 3,500 baht each. Qoulomb, a three-year and five-month-old male German Shepherd, will start at 3,000 baht. Lastly, Evian, a four-year and 10-month-old female German Shepherd, will start at 2,500 baht.

All 66 dogs up for auction have undergone training to become familiar with a leash, sit, and lie down. The starting bids range from 2,500 to 3,500 baht, depending on the individual dog.

The Army Dog Centre assures that each of these 66 dogs has been thoroughly health-checked by veterinarians from the Army Dog Hospital. They have been screened for blood parasites and treated accordingly, given heartworm prevention injections, and administered NexGard for tick and flea control. Additionally, all dogs have been neutered and vaccinated against rabies and a combination of five other diseases.

The auction promises a chance for the public to bring home a well-trained companion while ensuring that these dogs find new homes where they can thrive, reported KhaoSod.

In related news, residents in the Isaan province of Buriram ensured a stray dog received necessary medical care after its hind leg paws had been cut off.

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Author: Puntid Tantivangphaisal

Gold shop worker in Samut Prakan caught stealing for gambling

Gold shop worker in Samut Prakan caught stealing for gambling

Gold shop worker in Samut Prakan caught stealing for gamblingLegacy

A female employee at a gold shop in Samut Prakan has been caught stealing gold over several months to fund her online gambling habit.

The shop owner, 48 year old Chak Kamol Tantarasmee reported the theft to the police at Samrong Tai Police Station, armed with CCTV footage as evidence.

Chak noticed irregularities in his employee’s spending habits, which led him to investigate further. He reached out to his brother, who manages another branch of the shop, to check if any gold had been sold there. His brother confirmed multiple sales, prompting Chak to review the CCTV footage from his shop. The footage revealed the employee, 33 year old Jiraporn Puangmalai frequently stealing gold by hiding it in her sleeves.

Police gathered sufficient evidence and obtained an arrest warrant for Jiraporn on charges of embezzlement. She was apprehended at her residence in the Bang Ya Phraek community, Phra Pradaeng district, Samut Prakan. During interrogation, Jiraporn confessed to multiple thefts, estimating that she had stolen around 40 to 50 baht in weight of gold over six to seven months. She admitted to taking one to 3 baht of gold at a time, which she would then have acquaintances sell at the second branch of the gold shop.

“I couldn’t remember exactly how much I stole, but it was around 40 to 50 baht.”

Jiraporn explained that the stolen gold was sold immediately, and the money was then used to fund her online slot game addiction and cover household expenses.

Chak expressed his lack of sympathy for Jiraporn, stressing that her actions had significantly impacted his business. He plans to pursue legal action to the fullest extent.

“I noticed she was spending beyond her means, buying a lot of things for her child. That’s when I started suspecting her.”

After his brother confirmed the sales of gold at the other branch, Chak reviewed the CCTV footage, which clearly showed Jiraporn’s repeated thefts.

The investigation revealed that Jiraporn had become deeply addicted to online gambling, specifically slot games. This addiction drove her to continuously steal gold from her employer to sustain her gambling habit.

Chak remains resolute in his decision to press charges against Jiraporn, emphasising the need for justice. The stolen gold, valued at over 1 million baht, represents a significant loss for his business, and he is determined to see the legal process through to its conclusion, reported KhaoSod.

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Author: Nattapong Westwood

Samut Prakan teen girl attempted assault suspect arrested

Samut Prakan teen girl attempted assault suspect arrested

Samut Prakan teen girl attempted assault suspect arrestedLegacy

A suspect accused of attempting to assault a 15 year old student in Samut Prakan has been arrested.

The incident involved the suspect allegedly following the girl from school on his motorcycle to her residence, where he attempted to commit the assault. The girl’s quick thinking and cries for help thwarted the attack.

Police received a tip-off yesterday evening from a resident about a suspicious individual hiding near a market wall in the Eua Athorn housing project in Bang Sao Thong, Samut Prakan. Upon investigation, officers found 32 year old Worawat from Khlong Dan, Bang Bo, Samut Prakan, asleep at the specified location. The suspect was apprehended and taken to his brother’s house in Lat Wai to retrieve the clothes and shoes worn during the incident. He was then brought back to Bang Sao Thong police station for questioning.

Worawat confessed to the crime, stating that he encountered the victim by chance while riding his motorcycle. He denied following her from school, claiming he was on his way home to prepare for his night shift. Overcome by a sudden sexual urge upon seeing the victim, he followed her to her room with the intent to assault her. The attack was not premeditated, he insisted. He fled the scene when the victim screamed for help. Worawat then returned home, took a shower, and went to work as usual. After seeing news reports about the incident, he went into hiding near the market until his arrest.

The police are preparing to charge Worawat with indecent acts with a minor under 15 years old and trespassing. Additional charges of child abduction and attempted rape of a minor, are pending further investigation and victim interviews. Worawat will be taken to the Samut Prakan Provincial Court tomorrow for detention, with the police opposing bail. The suspect refused to participate in a crime reenactment due to safety concerns.

During the arrest, two officers sustained injuries from a struggle with the suspect. Both officers have received medical treatment at the hospital, reported KhaoSod.

ORIGINAL STORY: Teen girl narrowly escapes attempted rape in Samut Prakarn (video)

Police are searching for a Thai man who attempted to rape a 15 year old girl in her apartment at the Mueang Mai Bang Phli National Housing Authority in Samut Prakarn province near Bangkok. The suspect was reportedly released from prison in February.

The 15 year old victim, dressed in a high school uniform, screamed for help and managed to escape the attempted rape with the help of her neighbours. The suspect successfully fled the scene on his motorcycle but officers from Bang Sao Thong Police Station are hunting for him.

In an interview with ThaiRath, the victim said the incident happened at around 4am yesterday, June 20. She arrived at her room after school and had to stay alone until her parents returned from work.

As she was about to enter the room, the suspect approached her from behind, grabbed her breasts and pushed her into the room. The man kept asking her to have sex with him and she refused.

She asked the man to leave and threatened to call the police but he was unafraid. He kept asking her to have sex, saying “Can I? Can I do it?”

The teenage girl saw the man touching his private parts as if he was going to masturbate or take his penis out, so she pushed him out of the room and started screaming for help. The man then fled the flat on his motorbike.

The girl added that she had never seen the man before in the community and suspected that he had been following her since she was at school.

The victim’s father told the media that he left work early after hearing about the incident. When he arrived, he found his daughter in the care of neighbours, crying.

The father checked the CCTV in the flat and the surrounding area, which clearly showed the suspect’s identity. He then filed a complaint against the man at Bang Sao Thong Police Station, along with the CCTV evidence.

Police reported that they successfully identified the suspect as a 30 year old former prisoner who was arrested many times before on drug cases. He had just been released from jail in February this year before committing the crime again.

Officers assured that they would be able to arrest the suspect within a few days.

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Author: Puntid Tantivangphaisal

Transport Ministry may delay Don Mueang toll hike

Transport Ministry may delay Don Mueang toll hike

Transport Ministry may delay Don Mueang toll hikeLegacy

The Ministry of Transport is considering to postpone a planned toll rate increase on the Don Mueang Tollway and may even lower the current fees, according to Transport Minister Suriya Jungrungreangkit.

Initially, the toll rates were set to rise from 115 baht to 130 baht per trip this year. Suriya has tasked the Department of Highways, which granted the concession to operate the tollway, officially known as the Utraphimuk Expressway, with examining ways to reduce costs for motorists.

The 21-kilometre road stretches from Bangkok’s Din Daeng area to the National Memorial in Lam Luk Ka district of Pathum Thani. Don Mueang Tollway Plc holds the concession to operate the tollway until 2034, with provisions for toll reviews and adjustments every five years.

“We are looking at how we can make life easier for motorists by cutting their costs.”

The company announced on Thursday its intention to raise toll fees by 5 to 15 baht per section, with new rates effective from December 22 this year until December 21, 2029. The toll for four-wheeled vehicles would increase from 80 to 90 baht for the Din Daeng-Don Mueang section and from 35 to 40 baht for the Don Mueang-National Memorial section, bringing the total cost for the entire route to 130 baht, reported Bangkok Post.

The concession, which was first granted in 1989, allows for one more toll increase, covering the period from 2029 to 2034.

ORIGINAL STORY: Don Mueang tollway tolls to rise by up to 10 baht

Don Mueang Tollway, the operator of the elevated Uttraphimuk Tollway, announced a toll increase of 5 to 10 baht, bringing the maximum toll fee to 170 baht, effective December 22.

The announcement was made today by Don Mueang Tollway Public Company Limited, informing users about the upcoming change in toll rates based on the concession contract amendment agreement 3/2550 dated September 12, 2007.

The toll adjustment will be effective for the next five years, from December 22 this year to December 21, 2029. The toll rate for the Din Daeng to Don Mueang section will increase by 10 baht, averaging 2 baht per year, while the Don Mueang to Anusawari section will see an increase of 5 baht, averaging 1 baht per year, from the current rates.

The toll adjustment details are as follows. For the Din Daeng to Don Mueang section, the toll for four-wheel vehicles will rise from 80 baht to 90 baht, and for vehicles with more than four wheels, the toll will increase from 110 baht to 120 baht. For the Don Mueang to Anusawari section, the toll for four-wheel vehicles will go up from 35 baht to 40 baht, and for vehicles with more than four wheels, the toll will rise from 45 baht to 50 baht, said a Don Mueang Tollway Public Company Limited spokesperson.

“The toll increase is part of the contractual agreement to ensure the continued maintenance and development of the tollway infrastructure.”

This change reflects the adjustments stipulated in the concession contract amendment, which aims to maintain the financial viability of the tollway operations. The tollway company emphasised that the incremental increases are necessary to cover the rising costs of maintenance and improvements over the years.

During the announcement, the company underscored its commitment to providing efficient and safe transportation for all users. The tollway is a crucial route for commuters travelling between central Bangkok and the northern suburbs, and the adjustments aim to sustain the quality and reliability of this vital transport link.

“We understand that any increase in toll fees can impact commuters, but these adjustments are essential for the continued provision of high-quality services.”

The tollway is a key infrastructure that helps alleviate traffic congestion in Bangkok. It spans several kilometres and serves thousands of vehicles daily, making it an essential part of the city’s transport network.

The tollway company has pledged to continue providing updates and information to help commuters manage the transition smoothly, reported KhaoSod.

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Author: Puntid Tantivangphaisal

Spain beats Italy to reach Euro 2024 knockouts; England thwarted by Denmark

Gelsenkirchen, Germany – Spain secured a spot in the knockout stages of Euro 2024 with a 1-0 victory over Italy in their heavyweight clash on Thursday, after England struggled to show its credentials in a 1-1 draw with Denmark.

Three-time champion Spain got the better of reigning champion Italy at the Arena AufSchalke in Gelsenkirchen as Riccardo Calafiori bundled the ball into his own net 10 minutes after halftime to decide the encounter.

A second win in as many matches for Spain is enough for the team to secure top spot in Group B with a game to spare, meaning it already knows it will play a last-16 tie in Cologne on June 30 against one of the best third-place finishers.

Italy, meanwhile, is not through yet but a point against Croatia in Leipzig on Monday will clinch second place in the group for Luciano Spalletti’s team.

The sides were meeting at a fifth consecutive European Championship and Spain should have won by a far greater margin as it sought revenge for a defeat on penalties in the semifinals at Wembley three years ago.

Italy goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma made several key saves while Lamine Yamal came close from distance in the second half for La Roja and the outstanding Nico Williams smashed a shot off the bar.

“I am delighted and proud not just with the result against a great side but with the way in which we got it,” said Spain coach Luis de la Fuente.

“It’s very simple, they were faster than us, compact and were right on top of us,” Spalletti admitted. “We simply weren’t as bright as them.”

Earlier, England could have secured a last-16 spot, as well as taken on Denmark in Frankfurt in Group C, but it produced an underwhelming performance that left more questions over its chances of becoming European champion for the first time.

In a rematch of the Euro 2020 semifinal won by England, it was Gareth Southgate’s men who got off to a perfect start when Harry Kane slotted home after Kyle Walker caught Danish defender Victor Kristiansen napping.

Denmark, though, was worthy of at least a point and got it thanks to a spectacular strike by Morten Hjulmand before halftime.

Phil Foden hit the post for England and Denmark’s Andreas Christensen came close to a late winner in the second half.

But a share of the spoils leaves all to play for in the final games of Group C next Tuesday.

“The challenge is to do something that has never been done before. So it couldn’t be any bigger,” said Southgate of his team’s objective at the competition.

“Clearly we are disappointed with the level of the two performances,” he added after the draw, which followed an opening 1-0 win against Serbia.

The day’s other match in Group C also ended in a 1-1 draw, as Luka Jovic snatched a point for Serbia in the 95th minute to hold Slovenia.

Zan Karnicnik had headed Slovenia in front 21 minutes from time in Munich.

But the Serbians kept their fate of reaching the last 16 in their own hands when AC Milan striker Jovic headed in a corner with virtually the last action of the game.

England tops the group on four points, two clear of Denmark and Slovenia, and just needs a draw when it faces Slovenia in Cologne to be sure of qualifying.

On Friday, France takes on the Netherlands in Leipzig in one of the other marquee games of the group stage.

Kylian Mbappe’s participation in the Group D match remains uncertain after the France captain broke his nose in Les Bleus’ opening 1-0 win over Austria.

However, Didier Deschamps is hopeful of having Real Madrid’s new signing available after Mbappe trained in a mask inspired by the colors of the French flag on Thursday.

“Things are progressing in the right direction enough for us to try to have him available,” said Deschamps.

by Agence France Presse//Photo : Spain defender Marc Cucurella (right) fights for the ball with Italy forward Federico Chiesa during a Euro 2024 group stage match in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, on Thursday.//AFP

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Thailand Named Top Spot for Most Popular Tourist Destination

Thailand’s Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin expressed delight that the Kingdom continues to be a popular tourist destination, with Bangkok selected Best City and Koh Samui Best Island in the Asia-Pacific area by the Travel + Leisure Luxury Awards 2024. According to Chai Wacharonke, a spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office, the Prime Minister prioritises the […]

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